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2019 March 22nd: ROMEO Brunch


Clear skies and 67 degrees greeting the 9 individuals who journeyed to the General Store for good food and nutritious exchanges.  Tork was a little tardy because the 101 was choked with stalled traffic due to automobile misadventures, or perhaps the beginning of a planned weekend closure for one reason or another.  He was the only family member in attendance, but I am told that next week could bring other clan representatives.  Brent Keil, as usual, was early to the table waiting for the other guests.  Dennis Pierini was representing his farewell appearance before his return to the tundra regions of the midwest next Saturday.  Stan Petersen made a somewhat rare visit due the the fact Deone is visiting the South Dakota sunshine state.  Unfortunately, her father is not doing well health wise and is on family call.  Curt Larson is counting down his 3 month sunshine state stay with plans to return to North Dakota after next Fridays brunch.  He plans to take a mountain route visiting such spots as Telluride on his way home. He certainly has enjoyed the offerings here taking advantage of golf, Romeo, North Dakota alumni events, food and drink stops and attempting to improve his golf game and health through the purchase of equipment, lessons and a trainer.  Go Curt.  Guess who else was here today..........thats right, Lee Hoekstra.  For the many of you who have forgotten Lee, he still looks the same and is as busy as always with his project in Prescott.  Good to know he survived the 28 inches of snow that recently fell up there.  Jerry Ostermann has returned from the frozen lands.  Dave Schoenbeck was complaining about his golf game a bit, but will bounce back I am sure before his annual golf outing with the likes of Tom Dieterle, Neil Stacey, Jake Jackson and other California characters.  The discussions today were varied from restaurants newly visited such as Root and Soul and Sophie's Kitchen, recommended by Brent.  We talked about the new series offered up by Netflix, HBO and Amazon Video.  Amazing how entertainment has been enhanced over the last decade. By the way, Dennis is still riding his 900 lb motorcycle....not bad for an ole retired soul.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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2019 March 15th: Lonely ROMEO Brunch

Well, it was 70 degrees and sunny on the patio of the General Store.  Last week we had 13 attempting to gather around a table for 8 (with success), but this week we had Brent Keil, Frank Stock and yours truly.  I think that many were wondering what the ball of fire was in the sky and were afraid to go out of their houses.  Perhaps next week.  But there was no shortage of intellectual discussions.  Of course the primary topic was the scandalous college pay for select university entry.  We chuckled because this is nothing new.  Several decades ago, it is widely known in the midwest that there were several such devious attempts to gain entry into the prestigious North Dakota State University on a curling scholarships when these kids didn't even know what a broom was.  I am told that a couple of them, once officially in, changed over to the School of Pharmacy.  This wasn't the end of their devious intentions.  I am told that they painted themselves as knowledgeable in the field of retail and spent a life time of misrepresentations.  Who knows how far this type of thing reaches.  Of course the midwest today continues in the news on a daily basis as one of Minnesota's Congressman is fighting for whatever injustice that may be.  There seems to be a lot of that going around along with the fact that there is seeming a never ending of Congressional candidates running for President in 2020, which is 18 months away.  I wonder, how many would throw their hats into the ring if they had to leave their current position to campaign.  Most people in this country couldn't leave their current jobs for this type of stumping.  Oh well, they don't do anything anyway.  We got off onto another topic, although not nearly as interesting, health.  Interesting how our health indicators have changed over the years.  Cholesterol was once thought to be ok at 220 total.  Now it can go below 100 and still be considered good. Blood pressure that was once 120 over 80 is now thought to be marginal.  There are now numerous measurements of cholesterol...good, bad, and sub tiered.  The price of insulin is out of sight for the average citizen and even high for the better off.  When I was a store level pharmacist, vials of insulin began at 7$ and now they are in the multiple $100 range.  Something is amiss and pharma is know to have strangle hold on Washington DC.  On a more positive note, Brent has been already invited to go Walleye fishing on the lakes of Minnesota in August.  It is rumored that Gary Hunstiger sits daily on the edge of his lake just waiting for a small crack.  Please throw him a fish.  Frank Stock is going to the British Open this summer and traveling around Scotland and Ireland.  I told you that those financial analysts know things they don't share.  We missed the Fugelstads and Dennis Pierini today.  I think Dennis was afraid there wouldn't be a chair for him.  Everyone has a great weekend.  See you next week.......Gerry
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2019 March 8th: ROMEO Brunch Bunch

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It was a coolish 58 degree, partly cloudy and windy day in the Valley of the Sun so the 12 toughened retailers decided to venture in doors at the County Store. We had quite the melting pot, so to speak, in that the Fuglestad family took five of the chairs around the table. Vercel, Roald, Ren and wife Judy along with Tork rounded out the visiting army. Always great to see this family visit from the cold country of the Midwest. As you all remember, Judy was a Osco Manager in Minnesota and she has since turned out well. Dennis Pierini was telling us that he is still riding his motorcycle so everyone please be aware that he could be riding up on you anytime. I did include two pictures of Dennis because he felt a bit slighted that I missed his photo the first time at the golf outing. Bill Harbecke was enjoying his eggs and bacon and had not traveled to the Midwest for several weeks. Curt Larson was getting ready to take another golf lesson this afternoon with his new Ping clubs. He is really serious now folks. Ron Grove was undertaking a huge Tuna Melt and Fries and I think they were winning. Pat Johnston was coming from a Kiwanis meeting and enjoyed his ham and eggs. Working charitable events takes plenty of calories. Brent Keil stuck with his Southwest Burger and onion rings. How can you go wrong with that? Man those rings looked good. I did my part for diversity with Huevos Mexico. Jerry Ostermann was sitting right next to me and we had great conversations about Japan and Asia. We had a lot to talk about for sure...Tork and I were discussing the sad state of affairs in Illinois and how many are leaving the state because of taxes, politics and continued mismanagement....such a waste....several states are in the same if not worse situation. A lot of talk about anger, fear and misunderstandings. The lack of tolerance for people having a difference of opinion or beliefs is baffling. The confusion we seem to be inundating our youngsters with continue to grow. Unfortunately, too many adults and supposed leaders present such a lack of sound direction and too much partisanship. Also, we were discussing the farmer and especially the diary farmers challenges today. Pat indicated that he read that over 600 diary farmers in Wisconsin have gone out of business. Gives pause. Keep moving forward. Gerry

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2016 February 22nd: Romeo Blizzard Brunch

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Photo compliments of Jim Martin................ Well, for the first time in several months, the Romeo bunch was relegated to the dining room of the General Store because of unique weather conditions for the Valley of the Sun.  Low temperatures, clouds, breeze and snow were elements that weakened the spirits of the nine retailers in attendance.  But, we gather around the warming stove, ordered our comfort foods and listened to the tales of current and past experiences.  Curt Larson appeared in his Bison (of Green Bay) attire. Of all people, I thought he would still be in short sleeves and shorts, but even the Fargo boy had long pants and sleeves.  He appears to be taking all this weather in stride and is playing golf, joining in on Bison events in the valley and welcoming snow birds with room and board.  It is rumored that he will be getting fit for some new golf clubs next week.  Now that is exciting.  Tom Nielsen was demanding payment for next weeks brunch,  It appears we have 42 going to be in attendance.  If anyone is now thinking of attending, email Tom and send in your check asap for $30 per person. Great food and venue....people are ok.  Ron Grove was taking some time off from being a care giver for Liz and her recent minor surgery(minor is what other people have).  She is doing well in spite of the quality of care.  There home is still on the market, but showings are temporarily halted till Liz is better.   Dave Schoenbeck swam out of his property from this last storm.  The raging creek allowed his participation.  We are starting to think he maybe homeless.  Jerry Ostermann was one writing Tom a check for many of you may want to rethink going.  Jerry was in 7th heaven eating his corn beef hash and eggs.  Easy man to please. Arlyn White was sharing a story of his golf game last week and it took him sometime to compose himself.  He did share photos of this son and his wife who live and work in Japan. What a great looking couple. Evidently Arlyn and Patty's son is a real active young man who hikes, run, skies, participates in Iron Man competitions.  I wonder who he takes after?  Pat Johnston was giving us details of he and Sandy's latest excursion to South America.  What a great trip.  Touching base in the southern exposures they saw amazing sights and also several species of penguins.  Next year.........Africa.  Brent Keil was looking good and thinking he was in Minnesota with all this weather and cold.  Everything is well with the Keils.  I haven't checked lately on his plans to downsize.  We thought we were going to see Roger Carpenter, but perhaps his travel plans were side tracked because of weather.  Hope everyone is well.  Gerry

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2019 February 15th: ROMEO Brunch


We had quite a gathering of 13 unique individuals from the days of ole hovering on the patio of the General Store under partly cloudy skies and 60 plus degrees.  When you consider the solid rain we had most of the day yesterday and the torrents facing California and the Pacific Northwest, I would say we did ok.  Jerry Ostermann resisted the urge to return to visit the midwest and thought he would hang with the sun birds a few more weeks.   Tork was enjoying his 2nd plus week here and rehashing stories with Wally Fairfield about the old days of hunting with "the gang".  Isn't it hard to picture this group wandering around the duck filled waters in the damp and early light with loaded guns.  This image may be enough for the liberals to push harder on the banning of all guns.  Yes, Wally was in attendance and looked fabulous.  He is in the Valley of the Sun for one week and he and Curt have been "hanging" and visited Jack O'Connell earlier.   We would love to see Jack first hand, as well, but will wait until the annual brunch if we have to.  John Eversman also appeared and it is as if he came out of a time machine.  There are some people that can make a reasonable person to become angry when you see how they haven't changed in so many years.  Looking good John.  He was talking about one brother who is a radiologist for Mayo and the other works for Troon Management.  Now there is a guy you want to get close to for some special golf course treatment.  Curt Larson was saying last week that he has taken up with a personal trainer and it really is having an impact.  When he started his stay in Arizona he was 211, and today is tipping the scales at 220.  I guess muscle is heavier.  Kevin Tripp was enjoying catching up and talking about his good looking family....Of course grandpa is a bit biased.  Can you imagine what Tripp will be like with his great grandkids talking about all his fishing and bear stories.....if he remembers.  Brent Keil was saying that the last time he saw Wally was in 1965.......just yesterday.  I was just finishing kindergarten.  Dick Davis looked great and was talking up a storm with Frank Stock who was sharing his stock market solutions.  Frank, we know what they are.  If you stay away, it will rise!  Dennis Pierini, who has been here for 4 weeks staying in his winter rental in Fountain Hills, made his first 2019 appearance.  Good to see Dennis.  Of course he and his wife are joined by their wonderful golden retriever.  We tolerate Dennis just to be near the pups.  Arlyn was talking about his golf while in the Phoenix area.  We had a great conversation on those individuals that love to test themselves on difficult hiking and endurance competition.  We talked about the free climbers and decided that retail was a lot like that endeavor.  How often we all have found ourselves on the face of cliffs with only our fellow associates to work through issues.  It is a wonder we survived. Tom Nielsen who we haven't seen for several weeks because he and his family have been in Telluride.  What a great place.  The population of this quaint town is 50% dogs which makes it a great place to live.  If you can tolerate 9500 feet you will love it.  Tom was saying that Mark just loves it up there and adjusts quickly to the altitude.  Glad they had a good time and made it home safely.  Too many crazies on the road these days.  Have a great weekend.     Gerry
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