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2019 September 20th: ROMEO Brunch; They're BACK........

IMG 2349    It was a gorgeous day on the patio of the General Store for the Fall kickoff of Romeo gatherings where five eager participants forego the waiting in line for an new iphone11 to have lunch/brunch with ole friends.  Tom Endicott to time off from grease paint and stage presence to join us.  He came by his acting career naturally in that he worked for Osco Drug in the 80’s and early 90’s along with Prism and other merchandising ventures.  You have to be sort of a chameleon to survive in retail endearvors.  Ton Nielsen was chowing down on his eggs benedict with the hollandaise on the side (I love that part) and telling us about his recent trips the most recent of which was a river trip to Portugal.  The man is on the who’s who of world travelers.....Interpole has him on a special wartch list.  Frank Stock, also an adventurer, just recently returned from Scotland and Ireland where he attended the British Open.  Why watch TV when you can spend hours in airports and multiple hours in the air.  He indicated the course created some havoc on his knees....still trying to relive his football days.  Stan Petersen took some time off from his golf course to report on the great progress his mother in law has made from some recent surgery.  She recently move to Anthem from South Dakota and is doing extremly well even after a minor fall.  Deone has retired and just had some elective surgery on her foot and is running circles around Stan...who can’t.  A man named John Spellman (pictured), he looked like John, was there today after a lengthy absence.  His business is doing well and he has been busy with some health issues of his son who is on a heart and kidney transplant list.  He is doing well and patiently waiting for his time to come up.  The Bays recently returned from a fabulous trip to Israel and Jordan..what an adventure.  I will say that the jet lag is second to none...maybe it’s age....nahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

We did have time to talk about one topic and that is the recent legislative activity in California targeting contractural workers versus company employee.  It seems to be aimed at Uber and Lyft, but for the life of me, I don’t get the logic.  All the drivers I come into contact with love the flexibility of their time with Uber/Lyft and the ability to work however much they want and to pick up some dollars after their full time job.  Perhaps someone can clarify.  Have a great week end all.   Gerry
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2019 May 3rd: ROMEO Brunch

It was a Arizona Chamber of Commerce day on the patio the patio of the General Store that hosted the five attendees looking for nourishment.  We had a rare sighting of Doug Statler which was a real pleasure.  He had just come from breakfast with the likes of Russ Coon and Scott Johnson.  All three of these combatants looked great with Russ looking slightly thinner than normal because of his treatments of his lung disorder.  But I am told that all three did themselves proud with their menus selections.  Although being sometime since Doug visited, he didn’t waste much time in jabbing yours truly.  He seemed to take great glee in his comments, and the others around the table were having fun as well.  Doug’s two sons are doing very well with the oldest being a chef at Cartwrights in Cave Creek and the other in training to become a journeyman electrician.  Everyone is happy and healthy..great!  Ron Grove was telling us about a Viking cruise upcoming in June for he and Liz.  Sounds like Italy and Greece are the main stops on the junket.....fantastic.  I can’t believe they are leaving their puppy for their own personal fun.  Wonder what the Pope will say about that.  Brent Keil indicated that he and his son Bryan had just finished painting the wall around their fun is that.  We began sharing area stories about random sightings of people looking to case homes for breakins.  Thank heavens for Ring!  Bill Harbecke indicated that approximately 4 years ago an individual had thrown a rock or brick through their bedroom doors and entered and picked up a few nic nacs.  Similar stories came from Ron whose area had several breakins from people who seemed to be professional in their entry and avoidance of capture.  Point of the story is that there are a lot of lazy people looking for quick bucks...alarms and videos should be standard in all homes.  Dave Schoenbeck was in California today with his golfing group for the weekend.  The photos I saw on Facebook showed 10 very happy and healthy retired retailers.  They seem to be dressing in the same shirts and hats.....isn’t that special!  Brent was talking about all the development going on in Scottsdale off of Pinnacle Peak Rd and Hayden.  Amazing the number of house and condo developments popping up.  The populations leaving Illinois are increasing demand.  Everyone, have a great weekend.        Gerry

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2019 April 19th: Romeo Brunch

IMG 1925.jpg4.19The sun, the sand, the 90 degree must be in Scottsdale in late April when six travelers hopped on their camels, or whatever, and be ventured to the General Store Patio.  Dave Schoenbeck was talking about his birthday present from his wife Ellen for a stay at a quaint hotel in Cottonwood and three delicious meals at three different restaurants in Jerome and Cottonwood.  Only Ellen would want to be alone with Dave.  He is as busy as ever with his consulting business and was talking with the group about some of the people he has worked with.  Jim Young was mentioned as one of the best DM’s to have Chicago as a district.  I guess he had all the tools.  The group began discussing different retail ventures from Trader Joes, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Costco, Forever 21, Ulta, and so on.  As Dave mentioned, to be successful, one has to have a great idea, but people have to want it......seems easy does’nt it.  That lends itself to the founder of Theranos.  Who doesn’t want a minimally invasive method for blood testing.  Look at the big names that invested with this young lady....too good to be true?  Oops.  Can’t wait to see how all that turns out.  Brent was discussing how well Walmart does in General Merchandise, especially cough and cold.  They are really focused on the latest in inventory technology for in store to in sure maximum instock.  Frank was talking about how well Ulta is performing under the latest CEO and how impressive Zoom is doing.  Tom Nielsen is having relatives come in from Denmark this Sunday and his family is reviewing their check list.  Scottsdale will be jumping.  Bill Harbeck was telling how his daughter actually listened to one bit of his life advice and became a pharmacist.  She is currently working for Caremark and supervises 30 plus pharmacists at a Care center in Phoenix.  Smart girl.  We talked about ole company cars we shared with previous characters that left their cigar smoke odors and air freshners....thanks JR.  It seems that Dave is only a couple weeks away from golfing with quit a few characters...Tom Dieterle, Neil Stacey, Tom Friend, Jake Jackson, Bob Potter to name just a few.  It seems that Bob always wants to play the big courses such as Torrey Pines, Pelican Bay, Spanish Bay, Pebble.....but the reasonable people prevailed and contained the spending. He probably wants to eat at Mastros’ every night.  Our wishes to all on the Good Friday and have a splendid Easter.
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2019 April 12th: ROMEO Brunch

IMG 1911.jpg4.12.jpgaIt was a cloudy day with temperatures at 65 degrees as five of us gathered on the patio of the General Store.  As you can see, Terry O’Malley paid us a visit and we were especially glad to see him after all these months.  He says that he has been busy doing something called “work”.  He seems to be traveling quite a bit, but does manage to visit those grandkids in Chicago.  His wife Linda continues to keep him out of harms way,but it is a full time undertaking.  Finally his one knee is working much better after three surgical procedures.  On his various trips he does run into ole Osco/Savon certainly can’t get those people down.  Names such as Dave Beal, John Dyer, Craig Painter, Darlene Mann, Phyllis Colvis, Steve Pimper, Mike Echols, Sam Parker, Dick Cline, Byron Luke, Larry LaRock, Alan Stewart, Dick Scott, Dale Bystrom, Mike Baird, Dick Boyd, Dominic Cavello, Terry Hanson, Dick George, Dave Maher were all mentioned today.  We don’t need to go into the stories that contain those names......but I bet some ears were burning.  We were looking for the likes of Dick Davis but he was a no show.  Hopefully we will see them before they depart to Michigan.  Pat Johnston is preparing to travel back to Delaware for Easter and then to Oregon, all to see family.  Nice!  We again were talking about HOAs and the unique individuals that always seem to make their presence felt...usually in a slightly irritating manner.  Keeps everybody honest doesn’t it.  Brent and Ron are in the process of evaluating their residences for down sizing which of course means painting, arranging, listing, off listing and looking for the just right next step villas.  Hard work, but worth the effort once it all is completed, of course.  We also discussed how busy Mark Panzer is with his ABS responsibilities...good thing he has all that energy.  Our group was really into story telling today....does anybody remember Club 33 at the Anaheim Disneyland?  Great place.  I read an article in the LA times recently where the initiation to this facility is now $150,000.  Talk about inflation.  Those of you who don’t know this place, google it.  You will find it very interesting.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and that there is defrosting in the midwest.

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2019 April 5th: ROMEO Brunch

4.5 cIt was 73 degrees as I arrived to the patio of the General Store and took a seat in one of 9 chairs around two tables.  The patio was in a little disarray as workers were repair the adobe tile roof of one of the buildings adjacent to the patio.  The accommodations were great, as usual, even with this minor inconvenience as could be seen by being joined by several good looking and well mannered dogs with their owners.  Everyone has to eat you know.  First to arrive was Brent Keil, smiling and well dressed.   Next Ron Grove, wearing an ASU hat, took a seat and we were three...........and no more.   I must say, we had a brunch of very stimulating and intellectual discussions covering many topics.   I think that some of our attendees may create a drag on dialog......but we are always glad to welcome all comers.  Our average meal must have been 2000 plus calories, but we are all on medication so no worries.  The topics were plentiful....some surprising.  It appears that personal real estate is in a time of decline with San Jose, Truckee, Denver, Boulder demonstrating a negative trend of over 10% compared to same time last year.  It is easily forgotten that certain purchases do not always increase in value, with personal homes usually being on the roll a coaster.....but Silicon Valley and Boulder?  Chicago has a new mayor and most are hopeful that this lady will bring a fresh, non-political perspective to a city in crisis.  She already as spoken her opinion on the Smollett fiasco and it does not bode well for him.  The Democrats have added yet another to the Presidential candidate list for 2020.......Howard Schultz is in the news making sounds as an official candidate.  Hopefully there are a couple of these individuals that lend a credible platform open to the betterment of this country and not just to themselves.  I founds it interesting that the California legislature is looking to pass several laws to address the recent college admission scandal.  Typical.....Address situations with the laws on the books rather than deflecting.  In Southern California there was an individual of some note who was sitting at a side walk cafe and someone sucker punched him....turns out it was a 20 something homeless person.  So, rather than passing useless legislation how about address the states run away homeless fiasco that is bring chaos, disease and citizen infringement.  Seattle and Portland need plenty of help as well.  Plenty of things to focus on, but it seems many of the elected officials need glasses and the intelligence..............Gerry


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