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2018 February 9th: ROMEO Brunch

romeo20Feb209th-220-206.jpeg   romeo20Feb209th-220-202.jpeg  romeo20Feb209th-220-204.jpeg Understanding what Chicago and other parts of the midwest and Northeast are going through, I hesitate to mention that it was 75 degrees and sunny on the patio of the General Store today.  So I won't mention it.  We had eight in attendance with the first appearance of Jerry Ostermann this winter.  Rounding out the congregation, we had Kevin Tripp, Arlyn White, Tork Fuglestad, Pat Johnston, Brent Keil, Bruce Keil and yours truly.  Believe me when I tell you everyone of those individuals were very happy to be warming in the desert sun.  The food was, again, excellent, with most having breakfast in the form of eggs and bacon, omelets, eggs Benedict, blue berry pancakes and one hold out with a reuben sandwich.  After the feast, we began the in depth discussions on many intellectual topics.  Early, I had received an email from Jerry Hildebrandt attempting to educate all interested on the bitcoin.  I watch the video and then brought up the topic to the group.  I have to say, I was pleased that we finally all agreed on something....eight out of eight had absolutely no understanding and insights into the bitcoin and felt Amway was a better investment.  Thank heavens thats out of the way.  Brent and Bruce talked about their trip to Prescott to scout that area and also their time at hole number 16 at the Phoenix open.  Pat Johnston also waited his turn behind the already seated drinkers and finally found seats, but was a little upset that nobody wanted to sit so he and Sandy had to wait for a couple of hours.  How much fun is that.  We had a lot of discussion about the movies that are running now.  Hostiles got a great report card, along with Darkest Hour.  Many are anxiously awaiting 15:17 to Paris this weekend as well.   Brent saw the Commuter and enjoyed the action...who wouldn't.  Of course we had to dabble in immigration and gun situations paralyzing our legislators.....what a useless bunch of whiners.  We all seemed to understand the major concerns, objections and supportive topics, but we are sure that only a group of golden retrievers would have the common sense to come to consensus on anything.  Interesting, many states are beginning to lose population because of their outlandish debt...Illinois and California being two.  It is a shame that about the only thing everyone agrees on in California is that they like the weather.  Everyone, stay safe and have a great weekend.  Gerry

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2018 February 2nd: ROMEO Luncheon

Wow,!  It was 75 degrees and sunny as ocho gringos gather around two tables at the General Store patio...short sleeves and all.  It was the first visit this season for Arlyn White to participate. He and Patti stayed one week at their time share and are now renting a home in Troon North.  Patti is just coming off rehabbing a broken left wrist and is beginning to look at re-entry to the golf courses of the world. They will be here for the month of February.  Arlyn indicated he is going to catch up with Stan Whitcomb on this stay.  Ron Grove was grinning from ear to ear as he talked about his boating adventure yesterday at Bartlett Lake with he and Liz and puppy.  Nice to be enjoying that fresh air out in the wilderness.  The puppy, Gracie, is coming along nicely in the training of Ron and Liz.  They don't mind the crate at all.  Brent and his twin brother Bruce are terrorizing the land of the sun.  Bruce and Carol are here until February 18th and are enjoying many adventures, shopping, eating and of course tasting some great wines.  They may head up to Flagstaff or over to San Diego to continue their enjoyment of the Southwest.  Tork, was looking might spiffy in his bright red hat....seemed familiar.  He and Shirley are enjoying every minute of their months here the Valley of the Sun.  It was good to see Tom Nielsen while he ate his eggs Benedict.  They have been pretty busy of late.  Tom share some trivia with the group regarding the Patriots logo.  Guess whose face is the patriots caricature face....thats right, Elvis Presley.  Take a look for yourself.  Dick Davis is looking great as usual and shared how the river around their house was suffering from ice dams and creating flooding situations.  We all had general discussions regarding medical care and the comparisons of socialize medicine versus that of the US. Challenges all around. It seems that England is being choked because of the flu epidemic and the surge in hospitalizations has delayed other care by 6 months.   By the way, John McGovern and Stan Petersen have sent out information regarding the Walker Cup outing and the need for participants to send in their fees via a check through the mail.  Be ready folks.  By the way, the Phoenix Open is running at full speed and because of the weather and other physical changes, the attendance this year should exceed the 650,000 from last year.  Crazy stuff.  Have a great weekend.           Gerry
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2018 January 26th: Romeo Luncheon


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Well, today was a very sunny day in Scottsdale, but the temperature was approximately 60 degrees.  By the desert standards it was a bit on the chilly side.  However, by the rest of the world, we were in paradise sitting on the patio of the General Store.  The eight attendees were in various attire, mostly with light jackets, but several in shorts.  Talk about a tough group!  Who was there: Tork Fuglestad, Ron Grove, Brent Keil, Frank Stock, Kevin Tripp, Bill Harbecke, Stan Petersen and yours truly. The food is always a center of attraction with omelets a favorite, waffles, tuna melts and eggs and bacon.  Have to love it.  Tork was talking about the actor Bob Odenkirk who was in the movie and also a main character and in the series "Better call Saul", was a neighbor to Torks family when growing up.  I told you Tork was famous.  Ron Grove indicated that when at Barrett Jackson with his grandson, he made a bid on his favorite car and just missed out on the blue Ferrari.  He was really down.  The visit was a tremendous amount of fun on both sides.  Brent Keil is getting prepared for his brother and sister-inlaws visit by buying large quantities of notch wine because his sister-in-law has very fine tastes....something different for the Keil household.  He also mentioned the Vig Restaurant on Bell and Thompson Peak say it had a great happy hour.  That Brent knows the best locations for celebrating. Of course the discussion expanded into discussion that our company may have owned that property sometime back.  Bill Harbecke and Kevin began reminiscing about real estate site hunting in various parts of the country including Seattle.  That led to a John Terry story about Nordstrom shoes where Mark Panzer brutally teased John by stealing one of his recently purchased shoes.  We can be so cruel....funny, but cruel. Frank Stock was feeling pretty good about himself and the stock market rise, which we took full credit for.....after Trump of course.  Stan is busy planning the Walker open to be held this year at Dove Valley Ranch golf course.  A great venue that everyone should enjoy.  Tom Nielsen just sent our the information regarding the Sunday Brunch, and if like last year, it should be a special occasion.  John McGovern, Stan took a picture of me with my sunglasses on.  As you see, they look different because they are older ones.  But time will bring back my more current model....of course a newer version.  We all hope everyone has a great weekend.  Gerry
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2017 January 19th: ROMEO Luncheon

It was one more sunny day of 68 degree on the patio of The General Store.  The restaurant in the sun was very busy with the snow birds and the visitors attending the classic car shows.  One of our regulars, Ron Grove, was indeed there with his grandson Ron from the midwest.  A picture showed the young man eagerly reading the sports car magazines.  Wonder where he got that bug.  Dick Davis was around the table and looked great, displaying a appetite worthy of his one pound omelette.  He was indicating that the temps in Michigan were significantly lower this year than normal.  Nice to be in the valley of the sun.  Sandy is well and they have been doing well.  Tom Nielsen was finally sitting in a ringside chair and indicating that Mark and Joan were well, but all had been very busy the last several weeks and unable to be with the brethren.  Mark is working part-time at the Harkins Shea taking tickets and really enjoying the people interaction which fits his personality.  Maybe we can get a deal.  Mr. Bill Harbeck was temporarily back from the midwest and talking proudly about his family, especially grandkids.  He seems to consider himself a jokester, but he indicates that he finds the kids just looking at him sometimes.  Bill, we understand.  Tork was enjoying the beginning of his second week out here and we slipped into some political discussions......I won't get into details, but Tork saw someone with a red hat on and went to pat him on the back.  Brent Keil has been a bachelor the last several days while Carole has been in the midwest visiting her sister.  She is returning tonight, just in time.  Brent is beginning to look pretty rough in that one shirt.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week. See you next week.  Gerry

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2017 January 12th: ROMEO Luncheon

It appears that the weather is showing a warming trend in many parts of our country.  However, winter is still showing it's ugly side and will for sometime, but fortunately we are being sparred these harsh effects.  It was 65 degrees today with clear skies and not a breath of a breeze.  The General Store patio was delightful as the eight attendees sat in the sun eating the most creative of food selections.  Dave Schoenbeck, without question, won first place for his choice of a chicken fried steak sandwich with country gravy along side mashed potatoes.  Wow!  Reubens, Tuna Melts, Turkey burgers, waffles, patty melts, rounded out the entree selections.  There was quite a bit of quiet time while the food was move from plate to mouth.  Brent Keil was telling Tork about his fishing in Canada and Minnesota every year.  As I mentioned last week his brother is coming into town late this month and they should begin another venture.  Perhaps there is a trip to San Diego to experience all that is offered there.  He also mentioned that they might take his boat out and perhaps join Ron Grove and Liz on their boat as well.  Some fun times ahead.  Pat Johnston made his first winter brunch and we heard about the Johnston's great trip to China and Japan.  Pat indicated that both of those countries are the most clean areas they have ever seen.  The sites were fantastic, and the building of malls and residences and cities were interesting in their concepts.   They are built for the future and are mostly empty at this stage.  Very unusual.  He is planning a family trip to Cancun this summer and is looking forward to their time altogether.  Both he and Sandy are staying active still playing tennis.  Dave Schoenbeck was also talking about his fishing and hunting trips.  Dave has a hard time sitting still for sure.  We asked and got more information about his consulting business and he is definitely passionate about what he is doing.  Sounds great. Ron, just gently back from the frozen tundra is still looking in shock from his recent exposure to the elements.  He kept muttering,"help me, help me".  Sad, really.  Tork has been in town for several days and eager to catch up on everybody's exploits.  Tork never changes and looks great.  Stan Petersen, off from his oversight of his golf club, was happy eating his chicken tenders.  He is fun to have around....he never says much but just sits there smiling and chewing. Frank Stock was smiling greatly from what he says is his influence on the stock market.  I think Frank has a Trump complex.  But we are happy for anything he has done.  Hope is continues.  By the way, I share a PSA on a product call Ringer. I received one from one of our kids and had it installed this week.   It is great.  Look it up.  It works as advertised.  Have a great weekend.  Gerry


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