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2018 March 3rd & 4th: AZ Brunch & Walker Cup

Well, this was the magical weekend for the Walker Cup Golf Event and the Annual Arizona Sunday brunch, which were organized and operated by Stan Petersen and John McGovern for the golf outing and Tom Nielsen for the magical brunch.  The golfing weather was sunny and perfection at the Dove Valley Golf Course which was the venue for the annual outing.  Twenty five golfers and 10 plus lunch onlys gathered at the course grill for the tasty lunch being provided.  Everything went well except for one slight hiccup when Frank Stock thought the bowl of cold slaw was an individual serving.  After some negotiation, Frank let the bowl goal in exchange for a second hamburger patty.....everyone happy.  The golf was thoroughly enjoyed by all, regardless of the questionable results.  Amazing that these people raise children.  A large number of the visitors went out for dinner on Saturday evening at Charlestons in Scottsdale and the party continued.  Again, it went well except for a small misstep when the waiting spilled hot au jus on Curt Larsons shirt and pants.   It looked good on the North Dakota boy.  
As the Sunday sun climbed in the southwest sky, 40 plus gathered at Tonto Verde Country Club for a delicious annual brunch.  The conversations were certainly the high points and it is so good to see the likes of Jack and Bev O'Connell, Terry and Susan Hanson, Haven and Paula Ready and Jerry Gonyo......Wanda White, Bob and Joyce Potter, Curt Larson, were others who took their time to travel to see ole friends.  How do you go wrong with mimosas, omelets, scramble eggs, potatoes, bacon, chicken fruit salad, breads and desserts.  Wow.  
Once again our thanks to those involved in the timely process of organizing these great events......when you see them, you wonder how they did it...............................Gerry
Editors Note: Look for all the details and photo's in the March edition of the Connections Newsletter
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2018 March 9th: Romeo Brunch

IMG 1982
March is beginning to offer up the standard valley of the sun weather with 80 degrees and mostly sunny skies as 12 gathered around tables on the patio of theGeneral Store.  We had a special guest today, Barbara, who joined us at the behest of Jerry Gonyo.  She is one brave soul, for sure.  She happens to be an Alzheimer Counselor who Jerry met when his wife began her journey with the terrible condition.  She is a delightful lady who, by the way, is from Chicago and thrilled to be living now in Arizona.  We spent a great deal of time attempting to convince her that most of our group do not have the same traits as Jerry….but frankly, she didn’t seem to buy it.  Also at our brunch were the Fuglestad brothers, Vercel, Row(sp?) and of course Tork.  What a great group of firm handshaking professionals. We never could get the brothers aside, to find out the long hidden secrets of Tork’s early life.  That could explain a lot.  Of course Jerry G appeared with folders of photos for those participating in Romeo for the last 8 or so years.  He haven’t change one little bit.  He came out for the annual brunch and then has been visiting friends all over the valley.  We miss seeing him more, but he has really settled into Indiana and is very active in Alzheimer guidance counseling as well.  Tom Nielsen sat at a small corner of one table and proceeded to order a waffle, scrambled eggs and ham, washed down with water. Sitting next to him, I had to put my plate on my lap because of his insensitivity for sharing space.  Once again, Tom did a great job in preparing the venue for our annual Brunch….great ambiance and excellent food.  Dave Schoenbeck is really reaching out as he peruses the menu.  Today it was a pastrami reuben with French fries.  He ate every morsel.  We listened to his great description of this Porsche 911 and what a pleasure it is to ride in that wonderful machine.  For those that have had that type of privilege, it is very unique.  Speaking of cars, Dick Davis and Sandy just purchased a new ride in the form of an RX 350 Lexus….Caviar in color….does that sound great!  Nothing like a new car.  Ron Grove was eating a hearty omelet as he has been a care giver for Liz who has come down with a cold…..bad year for that.  Ron was in charge of baby sitting Gracie, the pups, and she won.  It is a good challenge for the man.  It was good to see Pat Johnston in attendance.  He has been visiting his daughter and her family in Oregon and then had to travel for a more somber occasion in Illinois to attend the services for a friend of 45 plus years.  Hard to see our family and friends go.  We all talked abut Curt Larson’s close call with the North Dakota deer population.  Curt indicated that the day after the crash, his body felt the wear and tear with all his muscles aching and facial and head aches from the air bags.  Today, he is getting back to normal and is on the look out for a new vehicle. Brent was very quietly spending his time focused on his heart omelet and catching up with Pat.  The food, as always, was great.  Barbara, a first timer, settled right in with a pastrami sandwich and cup of clam chowder.  She will be back.  Eggs Benedict and omelets were very popular and Dave S had a pastrami reuben with fries….that is a winner.  Yours truly settle for the diet plate of Chili Cheese Burger with onions and fries…a perfect selection. Everyone have a great weekend.  Gerry
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2018 March 2nd: Romeo Recap

At "game time" it was 67 degrees and clear sunny skies when once hambriento gringos reunido a disgrutar muy bueno comida y amigos.  You all know what I mean....Wow!  You have already seen the photos of those in attendance and you are amazed as I was that these individuals are still mobile and coherent.  It goes to show, when tempted with food, one can overcome any barriers.  Curt Larson finally got to experience the warmth of the sun that he has been seeking for the last weeks.  Of course he has remained true to the desert attire of shorts and his legs are beginning to display signs of a tint. He has moved his residence further north to Scottsdale and is looking to stay through a time share presentation to offset some initial investment.  Good luck Curt.  Most in attendance are anxiously awaiting the golf outing on Saturday and the brunch on Sunday for our annual event.  Dick Davis was looking great and we were discussing the best and worst states in which to live.  Dick proudly mentioned that Iowa was numero uno.......  the famous state with the most small towns in America.  It pointed blatantly to Illinois and California as 2 of the worst states because of their debt and high taxes.  Unfortunately the once fine state of California and waining because of a weak infrastructure and indecisons over sanctuary have to love the mayor of Oakland announcing immigration raids.  I would assume that she has everything else fixed.....gang violence, poverty, run away medicaid costs, homelessness, loss of population, general crime out of control.....Chicago West for sure.  Guess who else had a seat at the table.....John Eversman!  Really.....Come on, you all remember John.  He has traveled the continental US with our business and then some.  It was great to see him...he will be playing golf and eating on Sunday.  Dick, Tom and John were discussing Chuck Hunner's recent passing.  Chuck was a long, long term Sav-on alumni.  Brent was enjoying his omelet as always and we reached out to him for his recommendations on great restaurants in the Valley of the Sun.  He knows his stuff for sure.  Tom Nielsen was heartily feasting on his eggs benedict with "the wonder sauce" on the side.  I love how he plays with his food.  Kevin Tripp took some time from his sports endearvors and ate the Wyoming breakfast of eggs easy, bacon and hash browns.....he loved Mom's cafe in Wyoming.....a place where men are men. By the way, Kevin's right elbow has been acting up.  It seems he has a floater of a bone chip or cartilage floating around.  Not earth shattering, but irritating and he should soon be taking care of the issue.  Tork was saying that two of his brothers are in town visiting and will join him on Sunday for the brunch.  It is always great to entertain family members when our weather "clicks in".  Wes was again in attendance and facing his return to South Dakota in about 12 days.  We tried to tell him he should extend to April......What are people thinking?  Frank and Wes were going to hit some golf balls after brunch....looking for perfection.  I think Frank is looking very hard for tickets to Augusta.  We all put our names in a universal drawing for the tournament and practice rounds, but none of use have made the grade. Dave Schoenbeck shared some of his business stories and I must say, they were very interesting.  He recenly interviewed a web designer and also has a client whose business is to set up corporate AV meeting rooms in Manhattan.  Needless to say, he has done well, especially with the guidance and good business sense Dave passes on.  That is it for today.  Everyone, have a great weekend.


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2018 February 23rd: Romeo Recap

     IMG 1964
       The hearty nine, as they will be known from now till the end of times, were seated around tables in 50 degree weather, without the benefit of much sunshine.  Wes, who happens to be from South Dakota, said that this really wasn't too bad for February and Curt Larson was attired in shorts and a light cover over his golf shirt......I will say his legs had sort of a blue tinge to them.  We were happy to see Dave Schoenbeck today.  It has been more than a few weeks since his last visit.  It is hard when you are responsible for guiding the small entrepreneurs in the US.  Who knows, he may decide to open an Ace hardware or a donut shop to practice what he preaches.  He was supposed to play golf today, but the cool breeze and cloudy sky scared away 10 of his 15 mens group so he decide to join us for an open faced chicken fried steak sandwich with sausage gravy.  Boy, did that look good.  Dave and Ellen are also leaving April 6th to take a nice long trip to Africa.  They will be traveling to Johannesburg and Cape Town where they will be taking a hiking safari.  He wants to get "down and dirty" with the animals.  I have heard that many of the animals can now speak English and may attempt to lure the hikers into harms way.  Scary stuff.  Jerry Ostermann was talking about how he and his family, a total of 11, spent a wonderful vacation in Tanzania and enjoyed the natives and the wild.  Africa has a lot of turmoil, but it also has a tremendous amount to offer in wild life, scenery and people.  What a great adventure.  Wes evidently had driven here from South Dakota and Tork was saying that he would be returning via Vail Colorado.  He still has a place there and loves to spend time in that very scenic place....who wouldn't.  Brent was enjoying his breakfast, but unfortunate without Bruce, his twin brother. He said he had a great time while they were here and was certainly sorry to see him go.  I guess Bruce will be heading south from Minnesota to Florida in a few days.....a very smart move.  Arlyn was at the head of the table, or foot, trying to keep Curt corralled.  He played golf yesterday at Dove Valley Ranch and said the wind made it chilly.  We are so spoiled here.  The air temperature is in the mid fifties, but if it is windy, we act like it is -10.  Frank  Stock was enjoying his veggie burger....who is he kidding?  We were giving his some grief over the market the last couple of days, but after todays results, we can back off....a little.  We expect perfection.  Not much to talk about on the movie front......nothing out for the ole folks...we have seen everything that was of interest.....I guess Hostiles is a real favorite. Everyone, stay warm and dry and enjoy your weekend.  Gerry
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2018 February 16th: ROMEO Brunch

IMG 1957      As forecasted, the weather today brought a slight chill in the air with a temperature at 63 degrees and cloudy on the patio of the General Store for the 9 bundled   attendees.  We did have a visitor appear from inside to charm everyone with her smile in the form of Julie Ann Walker.  She looks great and she quickly left our group for a more worthy group indoors.   We did have a hearty soul from Fargo country named Curt Larson.  He was, of course, attired in green and yellow in celebration of another great football season culminating with a bowl win in the great metropolis of Frisco, Texas.  Of course Curt drove to catch the game and then went on a 5000 mile road trip to visit relatives and friends in the southeast portion of the US.  I think the man is ready for an RV.  He is staying south (considerably) of Scottsdale in a house to be near Fargo locals....they can't stray too far from each other.  I think he wants to travel a little east to see if he can find the lost Dutchman mine.  He was saying that his current car, Subaru Outback, just turned 3 years old and he has 126,000 miles on it.  Wow!  Tork was catching up on Curts travels while enjoyed his first of three months in the valley of the sun (where is it)  We did have a bit of rain this week, which is great to green up our beautiful desert.  Ron Grove was savoring his fish and chips, with all the fixings adhering to the guidance of lent.  What a nice young man.  Tom Nielsen finally appeared and was certainly a welcomed addition.  He is in the final stages of managing the annual brunch....what a delicious event in a great venue.  Frank Stock was eating a Reuben in celebration of a great stock market week.  He said he finally had it figured out.  Brent and Bruce Keil took time out from the Cowboy Museum in Scottsdale and eating great BBQ and other fine eats around the valley.  Arlyn is playing some tennis and always looking for some nice restaurants...he should have any problems there.  Patti's broken wrist is in it's finally mending stage and she is playing golf but still delayed in her bike riding because of the hand pressure needed on the bar.  Jerry Ostermann, who was spotted eating in the Sole restaurant by the Keil's is enjoying his time here as well.  Yours truly played golf this week with his new set of irons and feels he is just a week or two away from the Senior Tour.  Love new golf technology.  We did discuss the movie 15:17 to Paris and all agreed it is well worth the watching.  A story of very brave people.  Its is noteworthy that we didn't discuss the horrendous tragedy of our latest school shooting.  In the silence, we join everyone expecting real solutions to avoid repeating of these atrocities.  Time for accountability.  Best wished to all and a happy weekend.  Gerry                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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