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2018 April 21st: ROMEO Recap

Well, it was 65 degrees, sunny skies with partial clouds and a small breeze to keep things slightly cool as four gathered on the General Store Patio.  Ron Grove departed for the Lake of the Ozarks with boat in tow and Dick and Sandy Davis are on their journey back to Michigan for the summer.  We haven't seen Pat for several weeks and not sure if he is still in town or traveling. Jack O'Connell has indicated that he may be in attendance on a Friday, but we are still anxious awaiting his cheerful presence.  Dave Schoenbeck has ventured back from his magnificent trip to Africa and we look forward to hear his safari tales.  As we settled in, we began the ole age discussion on heath issues when we asked Frank Stock about the status of his achy knees.  It seems that the discomfort is still there and at times prevented walks on the golf course so he is getting X-rays today to identify potential causes.  We need to get him back to the game.  Brent was discussing his recent challenges with a fluctuating Blood Pressure, and his attempts to get in to see a Nephrologist.  It seems that it takes forever to get an appointment these days.  He looked great and I am sure will get things stabilized. Getting back to the aching joints, John Spellman talked about his wifes partial knee replacement and how well that went.  However, her hip replacement was not as smooth and complications seem to delay a speedy recovery.  Today, everything is fine.  It seems that hip and knee surgeries may not always go smoothly.  Terry O'Malley had one knee repaired and everything was fine.  The second knee has been nothing but problems and he is about to undertake the third repair.  Here is hoping for a great outcome. On a happier note, The Bays are going to be taking a trip in August to Ireland, Scotland and Great Britain. Frank Stock, also, is going to Ireland in 2019 with the hopes of seeing the British Open in 2019.  John Spellman is also going to undertake England, Scotland and Ireland in September 2019 and join his son and family in Ireland.  World Travelers for sure.  John's son currently works for Emerson in Michigan after sometime working for Kohler, spending some time in Italy.  His wife is an Actuary.....I dont think I know anybody in that profession.  Can you imagine having that grasp of numbers, detail and business workings.  The conversation moved to computers, laptops specifically, and which ones are the most durable and dependable.  Most of us use Apple products with Brent also working with PC products in addition.  It depends on the business and comfort zone.  Besides Apple, it seems the consensus were Dell Products and HP as long as they were on the more upper end models.  If anybody has input, let us know.  By the way, John McGovern is going to turn 67 on April 29th (I thought he was older).  Also, Curt Larson will be leaving on a European vacation next Wednesday for a couple of weeks.  Is that continent ready for the likes of a North Dakota tourist?  Do you think they have enough manhattans to keep him pacified?  Time will tell.         Gerry
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2018 April 13th: ROMEO Recap

IMG 1997  IMG 1998  IMG 1999  IMG 2001

Well, it was a 65 degree day with sunshine and very aggressive winds developing throughout our brunch gathering.  As you can see, counting yours truly, we had a total of 8 middle-aged ex-athletes sitting around talking about ole war wounds.  We were glad to see Brent Keil today and he missed last week (very unusual) because of a bout of high blood pressure.  Feeling a little “off” he took his pressure last Thursday and got a fairly high reading which stimulated a trip to the emergency room.  After a few hours there, they released him and he is monitoring his status on a regular basis.  He is contemplating a visit to the local veterinarian to check further on the ole war horse's progress.  The group seems incomplete when there is an absence of Mr. Keil.  Dick was making his last spring brunch as he and Sandy are returning to Michigan next week.  They are waiting for a slight warm up back there, but are anxious to get there and begin digging in the garden.  They are enjoying their new RX 350 with all the whistles and bells.  Sandy stopped by today as she was Dick’s Uber driver.  What service.  Ron is also going to begin his journey back to the Lake of the Ozarks tomorrow,  He just completed a three week visit with family and grandkids.  He says he wore them out…..wake up Ron.  Gracie, Liz and Ron will be pulling the famous new boat and going through Kansas City to have it checked out before the summers usage.  Ron feels that perhaps he will feel better with it being checked thoroughly after having 15 inches of water enter the craft…..picky, picky.  Getting it travel worthy, they had to remove about three inches of algae that had built up on the hull over the last several months.  Boat ownership is so fulfilling. Stan Petersen had a day off from his private Golf Course and wore his Tiger Wood’s red shirt to display his competitive spirit.  He is in really good shape….he got in and out of his chair all by himself.  Deone is working hard and keeping the household afloat.  I will bet it is not a pretty sight when she comes home from a long day and finds Stan and dawg Eddie both in greying tank top shirts and cut offs.  Frank Stock, took time off to join the group after a very tumultuous week on Wall Street.  I always love talking with him about the market dynamics and everyone listens intently for his replies….”Frank, why the market volatility?……..answer:  volatility?  Frank, is it still viable to be in stocks?   Answer: Just make sure they match.  Frank, is it time to be more cautious with our investments?  Answer:  just drive defensively and your car should be fine.”  Words of wisdom!
 Bill Harbecke is back from Chicago two weeks ago and everything is going well.  He is looking to take several trips the next few months, one of which is a “Band of Brothers” type tour in France where they will be taking two river cruises.  Sounds great.  Tom Nielsen looks great with Mark and Joan both doing well.  Trips are always on the horizon for the Nielsens….it must be a second time around the world for them.  We miss seeing a number of our ole friends such as Tim Sauer, Jim Willyard, Dennis Palmer, and so on.  If your name wasn’t mentioned, we have forgotten you.  Everyone have a great weekend.  Gerry
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2018 April 6th: ROMEO Brunch Recap

Well, this week has been one with Chamber of Commerce temperatures, tempting all people to sit and dine on the General Store Patio.  So, at 11:30 am, with the air temperatures hit 80 degrees there were three Romeo attendees siting all by themselves on the beautiful patio.  I know, it is hard to believe that no one would be hitting on Kevin Tripp, John Spellman and yours truly for autographs or riveting conversation.  So we were three souls sitting alone, attempting to form conversations that would get us through lunch time.  We haven't seen John for over several months as he has been spending much time in Maui and also baby sitting grandchildren in Michigan.  He also has been attending to his professional sports teams catering business and then add on the fact that he had over three weeks of time battling this years horrendous flu.  It appeared to be a gift that kept on giving taking away appetites, energy and sleep.  You have to love the bronchitis side effect.  Kevin was looking great and has not been fighting any injuries or viral/bacterial demons.  A second knee surgery is not imminent and his golf elbow is not hindering him from enjoying his new Taylor Made 790 irons.  The grandchildren for Kevin and John are all doing well, and spending sometime with grandma and grandpa.  Travel plans are being looked at currently with nothing definite on the horizon.    Kevin was talking about a tempting fishing adventure to Cuba.  He said the location was a place called Bay of Pigs, and that it was once a place of a lot of activity, but very quickly went bust.  He is working with a company called CIA to arrange the details.  Hope it works out.    Everyone, have a great weekend.  By the way, we didnt miss you all that didn't attend.  Gerry
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2018 March 23rd: ROMEO Recap

IMG 1993
What a beautiful day today!  There was a wonderful, soft spring breeze, lightly cloudy skies and temperatures in the high 70s when 8 gathered around the buffet and conversation table.  The discussions were varied with much time being spent on the sport of fishing, especially around the Minnesota lakes area.  Brent indicated that this last weekend most of the ice houses were pulled off before there were any drownings of overly served fishermen.  He indicated that he had his springs trip all set for June 13th thru the 16th….I have a feeling that long sleeved shirts will be necessary…..or something more substantial.  The Fuglestad boys were attending their last Romeo before heading east next week.  Boy do they have stories.  Roe was talking about the time he was out running and he was hit by a snow plow……ouch.  When our discussion turned to the state of peoples minds, Roe gave us the word of the year for 2016 “post-truth”.  Boy, has that turned into an understatement.  Who to believe?  But most importantly why should anyone be so opposed to what other people believe….it is the right of the individual to draw his or her own conclusions and path to travel…unless of course that path involves harm to others.  Time to relax and look for solutions for sure. We began a discussion of health and mortality, especially since we heard about an old friend, Hal Ensrud, who is losing his fight to cancer.  Those that have close calls talked about their thoughts and observations at their critical time and it was very enlightening, to say the least. That discussion led us to observing what a beautiful day we were experiencing.  Tom Nielsen was showing pictures of a party they had at their house for families who had poodles from litters of the same breeder.  There were well over 20 people with at least 15 dawgs in attendance.  I think Tom and Joan felt they were the best people they know…the fuzzy ones of course.  Jerry Ostermann is here for more weeks and is certainly enjoying his stay.  Next Friday, Tork is heading west to Aspen for 4 days on his way back to Naperville.  Not a bad stop over.  Dick Davis is enjoying a new vehicle…when Sandy lets him drive it of course.  Nothing like new Lexus wheels.  They are entertaining guests at the moment and will be here for another month or so.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Gerry


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2018 March 16th: AZ Ball Game Romeo Brunch Recap

Sorry to say I missed our weekly gathering because of a spring game between the Diamondbacks and Dodgers.  The California visitors were numerous and hundreds of kids on spring break were enjoying the 74 degree day looking for baseballs and autographs.  It was interesting, but we noticed that there were no beer vendors in our section, which is on the visitors side behind the dug out.  They finally appeared in the bottom of the 5th and we sort of felt that perhaps the "backs" organization must of felt that the Dodger fans could not handle their beer....those Californians can't be trusted.  
A great game with the D'Backs leading in the bottom of the 7th 3 to 1, when the Bays departed.
I did receive word from Brent Keil that we had a great gathering at Romeo with Brent, Haven, Tork and Frank Stock all gathered around talking about everything except politics.  I think we all are weary of the day to day rumors, idiot moves, lack of work ethic and continuation of status quo.  So instead they focused on health, mergers, Hallmark and stock forecasts.  Man, the earth must have been shaking. I hope everyone has a great weekend and that New England and the Northeast get their weather turn around...about time!             Gerry
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