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2018 December 21st; ROMEO Brunch



Well, it was a 70 degree partly sunny day on the patio of the General Store where 8 worthy souls gathered hoping for something exciting from the gift exchange. The anticipation was electrifying.......well at least until we released no one had brought any gifts to be exchanged.  We barely got any greeting what so ever before we placed our orders for at least one worthy presentation of good food.  Oh well, people never change.  Tim Sauer was physically present after only 2 weeks of post hip replacement surgery, walking only with the aid of a cane.  Unbelievable.  He attempted to order multiple waffles, but Linda, our hostess, wouldn't allow it for health reasons, so he supplemented with four pieces of bacon.  Brent has been still battling an issue or two that required a course of an antibiotic.  He looked good and said he is bouncing back.......appetite was definitely good with the Southwest Burger disappearing in record time.  John Spellman and family are leaving next Thursday for a month in Maui, of course after returning from the Caribbean.  Why not............Mr. Grove is spending the holidays in the Valley of the Sun after traveling to Illinois in November and his family members will be showing themselves very soon here after Christmas.  His grandson is a remarkable student at the ASU business school and will be taking an internship at Garmin in Olathe Kansas this summer.   Wow!  Tom Nielsen did himself proud on his food order(see picture).  He and his family will also be in the desert over the holidays.  Frank Stock was in attendance looking for sympathy after the way the market has been treating him.  No one was willing to give any disappointing.  Finally, we did have the resident golf pro sharing his quiet talents with us.  Stan took a day off and attempted to sign up anyone for golf lessons, with discounts and coupons.  Dont do it!  I did include a selfie just let everyone know how serious I could look. The best of wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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2018 December 7th; Romeo Brunch

The rain stopped and the clouds parted allowing 6 to gather for the first Friday of Decembers Romeo gathering. I was almost 1 hours late because the group wanted free time to speak freely about me without any potential ramifications.  Actualy, I was at my last scheduled physical therapy for my knee replacement and golf is now in the present.....after some range time of course.  I missed most of the 1 hours discussions, but we did find time to discuss the absurdity of social media, especially twitter, and politics as a productive use of one's time.  The media was discussed with finger pointing both or three ways and, as always, everyone had their own opinion.  For those I was talking about my write in candidate, it was Peter Uberroth.  Where are those type of people today.  Bill Harbeck will be taking a Carribean cruise over this Christmas and it should be very enjoyable for he and his wife.  Most everyone else there, was undertaking a low key, wonderful Christmas celebration with loved ones.  Everyone, please be safe.  Gerry
Tom Nielsen  Ron Grove  Brent Keil  Dick davis

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2018 November 2nd: ROMEO Brunch

On this fabulous Friday we had six noteworthy individuals attend the Romeo Brunch at the General Store Patio.  The weather and the food were fabulous, along with the catch up conversations from some we haven't seen in a few weeks.  Yours truly was able to be in attendance thanks to the charitable Uber driver; "Ron Formula One Grove".  I have just finished 17 post op days from knee replacement surgery and I can tell you what a pleasure it is to spend time outside with visitors from Joe Arapaio's past line crews.  Their luncheon choices were basic from baloney sandwiches to PB&J.  The J will gives it a kick.  Tim Sauer looked great and was talking about his left hip being replaced in December.  Why do we wear out? Tom Nielsen looked great and he and his family had spent a few weeks traveling,as he always does.  Frank Stock is battling the stock market and his knees.  Next treatment he is hoping to have the hyaluranic acid injections....hopefully that will improve the condition.  John Spellman's health and business is doing very well.  He currently has 20 professional sports teams that he is catering for and things are looking promising. Dave Schoenbeck has been spending plenty of pleasurable time with his children and grandchildren and he has rented a house for a week in Chicago to enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday with all.  Everything is well except for the tendenitis in both elbows.  That has a tendency to hindering golf contact.  Hopefull some cortisone shots will take care of the problem. 

Please forgive my omission of Brent Keil who is one of the most steadfast attendees to our royal gatherings. Brent it must’ve been the pain medication because I would never forget your presence for any other reason. Brent is finally making a lot of progress on his leg injuries that he incurred while painting his house with his son. Everything is looking back to normal and he is Looking forward to having a great holiday season. I don’t think I forgot anyone else, but if I did, it wouldn’t surprise me at my age.  Everyone have a great week.  Gerry

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2018 September 21st; ROMEO Alert

This is the first official alert for the re-emergence of the Fall 2018 Rome Brunch which will once again begin on Friday September 21st on the patio of the General Store in Scottsdale Arizona.  It certainly has been a lengthy period of time since we all have gathered.  Rumor has it that Brent Keil, over the summer, painted his house and then fell off of a ladder.  Oh, and he went to Minnesota for a period of weeks to visit family and do some fishing.  I will bet he enjoyed the latter better than the ladder.  John McGovern traveled back and forth to the midwest to see his grandson play award winning baseball and to travel thousands of miles in planes, trains and automobiles.  Mo Murray and Annie are currently in Italy to celebrate their 40th anniversary with long term friends.  I see none of us were invited.  Pat Johnston spent some enjoyable time in Cancun to have fun in the sun and is now back planning another grand venture.  Who knows about John Spellman.......he is everywhere.  Dave Schoenbeck is working and finding plenty of time to spoil his two recent grandchildren.  Stan Petersen, still a single digit handicapper, is head of all golf rangers at Quintero.  Word has it that he is organizing the snakes, coyotes, wild mules and javelna to better leverage tips from the visitors.  Stan and Deone have been traveling a great deal to the likes of South Dakota, Kansas City, Colorado and Ohio.  He says that they want to hit every town in Iowa within the next year....who doesn't!  We haven't heard from Tork or The Davis Family.  We are sure they are doing well.  I understand that Tork is undertaking a wonderful journey to Washington DC as a special honor.  Great!  By the way, John Roehm has asked me to remind you that you all need to utilize the services of Ulta Plus.  I am sure you all have been getting the emails.  John, really didn't asked, but after received all those notifications, I felt the need to mention it.  Larry Wahlstrom and family are living a full life as usually, utilizing all water toys manufactured in the lakes of New Hampshire.  Curt Larson, I believe, is the unofficial Mayor of Fargo and enjoying golf and beautiful granddaughters and family.    These mentionings are just a taste.  Be prepared to attend on the 21st for more details.
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2018 May 4th: ROMEO RECAP

IMG 2017IMG 2018

Well, we had a real mix of weather for the desert this week and finished it today with a cloudless sky and 90 degrees as six individuals gathered in our spring Romeo count down.  We had some catching up to do with several and began with Pat’s recap of his cruise to Jamaica, Aruba, Columbia and the Panama Canal. The group kept busy with side excursions and adventures in addition to the sights and sounds of the various principalities and countries.  The next trip for the Johnston’s will be a family gathering in Cancun in August.  It is always a challenge to get everyone’s schedule aligned so that adults, children and grandchildren can bond in a warm, leisurely environment.  The Bay clan is also venturing to Cancun with the same agenda and we discussed any concerns about the security of the area.  All in all, we felt that the cartels would take one look at the ole guys and let sympathy control their actions.  Tim Sauer spent sometime in Iowa at Drake on a beautiful spring day enjoying some university festivities.  Frank Stock is leaving next week for a family vacation in Washington DC and his side mission to to see if he can uncover any leadership there.  If not, the sights and restaurants will keep them busy.  John Spellman is spending a business weekend in Chicago at the Palmer House to promote his wares to the NBA.  Next, they will be going to Maui for 5 weeks for an unwind session.  Who knows what kinds of bicycle trips and hikes will be in their future.  Brent Keil was talking about his challenges with some medical issues where he is looking into spiking BP issues.  He finally has an appointment at Mayo in August with a nephrologist to attempt to pin point the problem.  Frustrating to waiting so long.  Frank and Pat were talking about their trips rafting the Colorado in the Grand Canyon.  Both were saying the four day trip was too short and the scenery and food were fantastic along with great weather.  These trips were several years ago.  We did get onto a more serious subject of challenges in the religious environments.  It appears that a local Scottsdale church uncovered some unfortunate misdeeds by their religious leader which apparently began sometime in the past.  This stimulated a multi denomination discussion on how and why these situations developed and perpetuate themselves…of course we answered nothing.  We ended the gathering with a question:” Is it important to like the people you work with?”   It was unanimous with this small group, that the importance is that people have integrity, character and potential…the rest takes care of itself.    Gerry

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