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2019 February 8th; ROMEO Brunch


Scottsdale has been suffering from a mild cold for about a week and the 11 hard working individuals that gathered on the General Store Patio experienced clear skies but mild temperatures of approximately 58 degrees.  This did not deter anyone from sitting around three tables and talking a blue streak in between moderate bites of delicious food.  The snow birds are arriving!  Tork, once again, was at the head of the table and catching up on the latest.  With Dick Davis on his left side and John Neimann on his right, the conversations were varied and exciting.  Dick was certainly talking about Sandy and family and also, I'm sure, mentioning those that were visiting from other portions of the country.  John, the most traveled individual I know, was talking about selling his Phoenix house and moving into an apartment in Paradise Valley, along with his Muncie Indiana home.  This man sets a fabulous example we should all emulate.  He is about the care of family and friends.  Besides having a slight quirk regarding bright colored clothing, he is dedicated to people.  Darnell Allen accompanied John and it has been some time since we could catch up with his busy life of family and golf, of course.  Brent Keil was, as always, enjoying his patty melt and looked great adorned in a bright red light weight jacket.  Wes Greinger was visiting from South Dakota.  For those that may not know, Wes is Julie Anne's brother-in-law and they visit to thaw out from a brutal winter.  Jerry Ostermann also took a candy break to experience reasonable temperatures before going back and forth to the Chicago suburbs.  Bill Harbeck appeared in his Black Haws hat and was reentering the polar vortex next Monday after this break in the cool sunshine.  He was saying that his youngest grandchild just turned 5 and going into kindergarten.  Where does the time go Pappa?   Dave Schoenbeck was talking about he and Ellyn's isolation due to a fast running creek in the front of their home that left them stranded for 2 days.  Talk about the ole west.  Finally, Arlyn appeared, so it must be February.  He takes a break from fishing and golf in Utah to get a little sunshine.  He talked about Strawberry Lake and how, unfortunately, people loose their lives boating and fishing because they make bad decisions in very, very cold water.  Sounds like visiting hikers that march into the desert without proper preparation.  Frank Stock rounds out the 11 good souls who attended today.  It is always good to have Frank at our brunch events so we can watch his magic in the financial arena first hand.  It was a great morning/afternoon. Best wishes.  Gerry

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2019 February 1st: ROMEO Brunch


Well, it was one beautiful day on the patio of the General Store with temperatures of 78 degrees and plenty of sunshine.  We had five individuals gathered around the feed table to exchange current events and recollect past events and those individuals that made them memorable.  Curt Larson was smiling from ear to ear because he is in the valley of the sun and not Fargo this week.  The man is ageless and is thankful to be wearing shorts and a polo shirt.  He has been playing golf and is even working out with a personal trainer while snow birding it in the east valley.  Ron Grove was enjoying the onion rings and his traditional tuna melt while telling us about Liz and her minor surgery to receive a pace maker....of course everything is minor unless it is happening to you.  Good news though, that this will correct a problem that has raised it's ugly head.  Brent Keil is looking good and the kidney issues are behind him.  He is looking to do some work around his house and we were all talking about the pride of ownership and those ugly little issues that keep needing repairs.  Kevin Tripp was moving around with confidence on his new right knee.  It has been nine weeks since the surgery and he his doing extremely well while planning his upcoming summer fishing trips.  Yours truly is just back from Cuba after enjoyed 11 great days of getting to know the country and it's people, while on a three mast sailing ship.  We also experience first hand the tornado that hit Havana.  Very interesting to be on the 18th floor of a hotel with no lights and 80 mph plus winds blowing on the windows pushing rain water into the room.  Another great memory.  Hope everyone is well and is happy to see increasing temperatures......Gerry

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2019 January 11th; ROMEO Brunch





Today on the General Store Patio, the weather was great with temperatures in the sixties and the sun making sweaters uncomfortable for the 7 attendees.  The guest of honor has to be Curt Larson whose smiling face, although North Dakota pale, brought additional warmth to the gathering.  He arrived in the Valley of the Sun on Monday and will be spending several months attempting to put some color on those legs.  He drove from Fargo, via Frisco Texas where the Bisons once again did their college alumni's proud by their victory.  Those of the scandanavian descent seem to never age.  It is either the dna or the alcohol....a toss up I am sure.  Pat Johnston returned for his breakfast sitting.  We had some interesting discussions about the unfortunate theft and crime that seems to be raising its head in most states .  Pat indicated that in their Delaware townhome they lost 15 packages from Amazon that were left on their from stoop.  Curt indicated that in Texas there were several cars which had possibly broken down on the side of the road and all the tires and rims had been stolen.  Seems that the new $15 hourly wage isn't covering all of certain peoples expenses.    It is not a wonder that the security devices such as the Ring and Nest are such big sellers.  The ole saying, "whats mine is yours" certainly seems to be showing to be true.  It is not that this theft is anything new....when we were in California, you could not sit anything down without it disappearing.  But there is no question, that the advent of internet ordering has been a boon to those crooked souls.  There next step will probably be to run for political office.  Jerry Ostermann made his second visit but is flying to Chicago tomorrow just to remind himself what true winter is like.  Mr. Dicka Davis looked great, but indicated that he was being challenged with medication ill effects.  Life seemed to be so much easier a few decades ago.  All in all he and Sandy are doing well and are temporarily without visitors.  I think they run a mini bed and breakfast for all the friends who visit.  Ron Grove needed his tuna melt fix while he and Liz are in the midst of having pictures taken of their property in preparation for a different housing adventure.  That is always such a pain, but an unfortunate right of passage.  Hopefully their lovely home will move quickly.  Ron said he is just looking for a single wide to place in someones backyard.  Hope that works out.

I wouldn't be me if I didn't fail to talk about a Romeo participant, especially the most loyal of our attendees, Mr. Brent Keil.  Of course he was in the photo array, but not at word in print about what, if anything, is new about Mr. K.  He is still investigating those nasty kidney stones to identify if there is any medication for prevention that isn't contra indicated.  What a balancing act.  He looked great and is still investigating.  He is still the General Merchandise consultant of the retail world and he is venturing into the cannabis world.  Let us hope that he isn't looking for samples or hats and tee shirts with logos.  Everyone, have a great weekend.  Gerry
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2019 January 4th: ROMEO Brunch



There was a slight warming on the patio of the General Store to allow 9 individuals to gather for a hearty brunch and voracious discussions.  First to arrive was a post operative Kevin Tripp who is in his 5th week of recovery from a right knee replacement.  He had a motorized chair, a care dog and a traveling person to attend to all his needs.  He seems to be improving and he comes in and out of his rambling rhetoric.  The topics are mostly about fishing and golf.  Linda is just thankful to have him on the patio for a break.   Of course, I am being unkind, Kevin looked great and is getting around like the athletic figure he still is.  He is still undergoing a few more therapy sessions, but about ready to be released to traverse the river backs of the north country.  He had a great holiday with some family members and is planning his next excursion.  Brent Keil is looking stronger and says he is improving from his bout with kidney stones.  In the near future he will be attempting to identify the cause of those terrible beasts.  Frank Stock was taking some time off after yesterdays stellar market session.  Interesting that on his break the market is up 700 plus points.  If I was a little smarter, I might see a trend here.  Mr. Grove was able to take a break from Liz and Gracie for some nourishment.  It seems that they are strongly contemplating a move to a smaller property.  He is always complaining about the upkeep on his 200 acre ranch.  Jerry Osterman made his first winter visit, but the cool air did require a warmer than usual wind breaker.  He hasn't changed a bit and we got some updates on the candy business.  Seems to be still rolling right along.  Tom Neilsen stopped by for his Eggs Benedict, with the hollandaise on the side of course.  He and his family has a wonderful local holiday season and I am sure is beginning their planning for their next years travel adventures.  Mr. Schoenbeck was woulfing his pre-golf energy packed brunch.  He has been sidelined of late because of tendonitis in both elbows, but after some PT and cortisone shots he is on the mend and ready to attack the courses.  By the way, if you are looking for a loaded, red VW, low mileage, he and Ellyn are looking to part with one after her move to an SUV to cross the Black Mountain Rio Grande that seems to appear several times during monsoon season.  We also saw Pat Johnston who was on his was to visit with really, really good friends.  Pat and Sandy just got into Scottsdale several days ago after spending the holidays back east.  They experienced quite a bit of rain the end of last year and that is with having Thanksgiving with family in Scottsdale.  Pat looks great and we are glad they are back in town.  Everybody, a healthy and happy beginning of your New Year.

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2018 December 21st; ROMEO Brunch



Well, it was a 70 degree partly sunny day on the patio of the General Store where 8 worthy souls gathered hoping for something exciting from the gift exchange. The anticipation was electrifying.......well at least until we released no one had brought any gifts to be exchanged.  We barely got any greeting what so ever before we placed our orders for at least one worthy presentation of good food.  Oh well, people never change.  Tim Sauer was physically present after only 2 weeks of post hip replacement surgery, walking only with the aid of a cane.  Unbelievable.  He attempted to order multiple waffles, but Linda, our hostess, wouldn't allow it for health reasons, so he supplemented with four pieces of bacon.  Brent has been still battling an issue or two that required a course of an antibiotic.  He looked good and said he is bouncing back.......appetite was definitely good with the Southwest Burger disappearing in record time.  John Spellman and family are leaving next Thursday for a month in Maui, of course after returning from the Caribbean.  Why not............Mr. Grove is spending the holidays in the Valley of the Sun after traveling to Illinois in November and his family members will be showing themselves very soon here after Christmas.  His grandson is a remarkable student at the ASU business school and will be taking an internship at Garmin in Olathe Kansas this summer.   Wow!  Tom Nielsen did himself proud on his food order(see picture).  He and his family will also be in the desert over the holidays.  Frank Stock was in attendance looking for sympathy after the way the market has been treating him.  No one was willing to give any disappointing.  Finally, we did have the resident golf pro sharing his quiet talents with us.  Stan took a day off and attempted to sign up anyone for golf lessons, with discounts and coupons.  Dont do it!  I did include a selfie just let everyone know how serious I could look. The best of wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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