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2020 January 24th: ROMEO Brunch

PatStan  Well, it was a 70 degree(barely) day with light cloud cover as 9 souls from varied careers with Lucky, Eisner, Osco, Sav-on, Jewel, American Stores, Skaggs, Albertsons etc gathered for a hearty meal and frequent banter.  We had two new additions to our group and they are permanent residents of the Valley of the Sun.  Stan Whitcomb and Dave Bell reside with their spouses at VI at Grayhawk on Thompson Peak in Scottsdale, it's a CCRC or Continuing Life Care Facility.  Stan was a “systems guy, executive” from Lucky and then moved to SLC before the Albertsons acquisition.  I am sure most of you know Stan or at the very least, know his name.  Dave Bell began his career with Eisner along with Pat Johnston.  I will believe he knows stories that we all would like to hear.  He started as a bag boy and then went into store management ultimately becoming an operations VP.  Along the way he spent time with Petsmart where he was the equine don’t hear that every day.  Pat kept them both busy at his end of the table either to protect them from the rest of us or to protect himself.  Alway great to see Pat....why he looks so young is anybody’s guess.  I think he must be using Kardasian facial products. Tom Nielsen also here after a brief side trip for him was Barrett Jackson where he was looking at key VW vintage vans and also immaculate ice cream trucks.  I think he is looking for a hobby or two.  Curt Larson was fattening up before his road trip next week to California to visit national parks.  The man loves to drive, as we all know, and will probably terrorize wild life in Yosemite.  Travel safe Curt.  John Spellman has returned from Maui where he spent a week volunteering for the PGA Sentry Tournament at Kapalua Plantation Course....he does that every year.  His son, Justin, is still doing well and improving weekly, thank heavens.  John was telling me his daughter just took delivery of a Tesla Model 3 and he enjoyed taking it for a “fast” spin.  Those automobiles create whiplash when depressing the accelerator.  They are so enjoyable to drive.  Time will tell if Dad follows suit. Arlyn White and Patty are playing golf weekly and today he is picking up his son and his wife as they visit for a spell.  Food and golf accompany a very nice visit. Brent Keil and Carol are looking forward to The Wahlstrom’s visit when they stay down by Talking Stick.  The Keils will be showing off their new digs when Larry and MG stop by next Wednesday. John Eversman, John Dyer and Joe Bugas were three people mentioned as we all looked for updates....only thing we knew for sure, none of them were in

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