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2019 December 20th: ROMEO Brunch

12.20.19It was 60 degrees on the patio of the General Store as the jovial retailers gathered for a Pre-Christmas celebration.  The distortion in the first photo is the sun....for those of you who may have forgotten....the blue is the sky and the green are the leaves on trees..seriously.First off, our photos are missing Frank Stock who was in attendance today.  For some reason my finger must have been on the lens of the iphone.  We certainly appreciate Frank’s fine efforts in driving the stock market of late.  There doesn’t seem to be anything noteworthy happening in our country lately that is putting pressure, at least short term, on the drivers of the market place.  Frank had a tremendous travel year with his wife Caroline in 2019, and he is kicking off 2020 with an adventure to Hawaii.  We had  a pleasant surprise in the appearance of Tim has been 10 months since we saw him last and he had a lot of news to share.  His hip surgery from a year ago has done extremely well and he is back on his pheasant hunting excursions.  On March 31st Tim will officially retire to fully enjoy the next step.  Currently, they have their daughter and granddaughter living with them while their son-in-law is in officer candidate school in Rhode Island.  After completion he will attend Flight great is exciting.  Dave Schoenbeck strolled in without any appearance of back discomfort, even though he isn’t where he wants to be for golf play.  Tomorrow all his family is hitting the Schoenbeck castle and there will be 12 souls going through daily life very close together.  Of course he is excited...Ellen is doing all the work.  Tom Nielsen arrived via Uber and we received more details on his Polar Bear friends.  What a great excursion to a wilderness rarely traveled and visits with the creatures recruited by Coca Cola to promote their brand.  Mark and Tom sure looked chilly in his photos.  Brent Keil, enjoying his festive Southwest Burger shared his Christmas decorating stores for their new digs......a pre-decorated 2 foot tree and they are ready to go.  Everything is going well. We did find time to talk about retail business and shared stories on Costco and how the new Gilbert location is the busiest in Arizona....amazing.  The Dollar Store with its 10,000 sku’s and 15,000 locations and who was now working with this company.  Seven Eleven with its large large store count and commanding presence in Japan.....of course Japan is the current owner. Politics was loosely discussed with questions being raised about the most recent democratic debate.  The latest tactics of Ms. Peolosi...perhaps she should spend some time on her home state and the homeless crisis and out cry from it’s citizens.  It is amazing how many California license plates are now riding the Arizona roads.  Life is certainly a fickle animal.

I hope that everyone has a loving, healthy and wondering Christmas.  Be safe!  Gerry

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