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2019 November 15th: ROMEO Brunch

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It was 75 degrees with a wisp of clouds on the patio of the General Store as we gathered for our traditional fall sessions of Romeo.  John Spellman was describing his son Justin’s Sunday heart transplant procedure at Mayo Hospital.  If that isn’t challenge enough, he also had a kidney transplant the next day.  For the most part, everything was a success....there was a minor (if you can use that term) clotting issue that required a reopening to successful repair.  He is recovering and will soon be heading home to his parents home for recuperation.  Justin is 47 years old and this heart complication seemed to be a by product of a flu like infection...Wow!  It has been a fairly long road to this point and hopefully he is on his way to a normal life.
Ron Grove finally made an appearance.  I think he must have been released on parole from the Ozarks jail system.  I have seen the life style there from watching some of the Ozarks series on Netflix.  I wonder which character Ron is.  He is about ready to begin a remodel on his condo there which he is excited about.  He and Liz have put their home here back on the market after a summer hiatus and hope those with California money making an exotus will bring a suitcase to his door.  Everyone in the grove family is doing well and he excitedly told of his grandsons upcoming graduation from ASU Business school in June when he will begin his career with the Garmin company in Kansas City, where he interned last summer.  Fantastic.  His granddaughter is entering a Pre-med program and another grandson just won a state doubles championship.  Fantastic.
Frank Stock was discussing his recent trips to the Golf Hall of Fame in Florida and then on to Hilton Head where he played some championship courses.  This, of course, is a follow up from his trip to Ireland for the British Open this summer.  He has put some rough miles on that bad right knee for sure.  He was a little hesitant to complain about it after hearing about Justin Spellmans battles.
Lee Hoekstra once again was a participant in the brunch.  Alway good to see him.  As I said last communique, he absolutely looks the same and everything is going well.
We all were wondering how Tork is progressing and talking about the new Gilbert Arizona residents, The Keils.
I hope everyone is doing well and is on their way to a wonderful weekend and Thanksgiving.  Gerry

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