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2019 October 18th: ROMEO Brunch



It is an 80 degree day on the patio of the General Store as the four of us gathered to exchange experiences and talk about people who were not there.  As you can see from the photos, everyone was intent on something...either food, aggravations, fun or travel.  Frank was still upset from his attempts to get Ryder Cup tickets from the PGA for next years competition.  He was left disappointed and empty handed after a two hour on line waiting experience only to find out that a third party event company was given access to most tickets and they contacted him to let him know tickets were available at three times the PGA rate.  Anger issues were abundant.  Dave Schoenbeck was in attendance for the first time this fall, but unfortunately, he tweaked his back on the way down to the patio....first back pain in three years.  Let us hope this is just temporary.  He said he had visited with Tom Dieterele and his wife while they all were touring Paso Robles wine country.  A great time as had by all, and the photos show that Tom and his wife looked fantastic, with the biggest nod to his wife...sorry Tom.  Dave and Ellen have been visiting his children and grandchildren and are also planning a trip to New Zealand in March 2020.  Bill Harbeck looks great but has been fighting some back issues as well.  Hopefully he too will get some relief.  Dave indicated that he had seen Richard Staiti and he hopes to make it to a Friday gathering with Russ Coon, who has been fighting a tough lung disorder.  Dave also said he is taking golf lessons and the pro is looking to only changing 8 fundamental changes with his swing, stance, grip and ball positioning.....oh boy!

We did spend some time on the nature of our politicians and current environment.  There is certainly no shortage of opinions across this country and most of them carry more emotion than fact.  I do have a question...why is not homelessness and treatment of our veterans top of the work lists for our politicians and the new bunch of candidates.  Finger pointing and blaming seems to be the biggest focus out there.  Everyone, have a great weekend, Gerry

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