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2019 September 20th: ROMEO Brunch; They're BACK........

IMG 2349    It was a gorgeous day on the patio of the General Store for the Fall kickoff of Romeo gatherings where five eager participants forego the waiting in line for an new iphone11 to have lunch/brunch with ole friends.  Tom Endicott to time off from grease paint and stage presence to join us.  He came by his acting career naturally in that he worked for Osco Drug in the 80’s and early 90’s along with Prism and other merchandising ventures.  You have to be sort of a chameleon to survive in retail endearvors.  Ton Nielsen was chowing down on his eggs benedict with the hollandaise on the side (I love that part) and telling us about his recent trips the most recent of which was a river trip to Portugal.  The man is on the who’s who of world travelers.....Interpole has him on a special wartch list.  Frank Stock, also an adventurer, just recently returned from Scotland and Ireland where he attended the British Open.  Why watch TV when you can spend hours in airports and multiple hours in the air.  He indicated the course created some havoc on his knees....still trying to relive his football days.  Stan Petersen took some time off from his golf course to report on the great progress his mother in law has made from some recent surgery.  She recently move to Anthem from South Dakota and is doing extremly well even after a minor fall.  Deone has retired and just had some elective surgery on her foot and is running circles around Stan...who can’t.  A man named John Spellman (pictured), he looked like John, was there today after a lengthy absence.  His business is doing well and he has been busy with some health issues of his son who is on a heart and kidney transplant list.  He is doing well and patiently waiting for his time to come up.  The Bays recently returned from a fabulous trip to Israel and Jordan..what an adventure.  I will say that the jet lag is second to none...maybe it’s age....nahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

We did have time to talk about one topic and that is the recent legislative activity in California targeting contractural workers versus company employee.  It seems to be aimed at Uber and Lyft, but for the life of me, I don’t get the logic.  All the drivers I come into contact with love the flexibility of their time with Uber/Lyft and the ability to work however much they want and to pick up some dollars after their full time job.  Perhaps someone can clarify.  Have a great week end all.   Gerry

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