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2019 May 3rd: ROMEO Brunch

It was a Arizona Chamber of Commerce day on the patio the patio of the General Store that hosted the five attendees looking for nourishment.  We had a rare sighting of Doug Statler which was a real pleasure.  He had just come from breakfast with the likes of Russ Coon and Scott Johnson.  All three of these combatants looked great with Russ looking slightly thinner than normal because of his treatments of his lung disorder.  But I am told that all three did themselves proud with their menus selections.  Although being sometime since Doug visited, he didn’t waste much time in jabbing yours truly.  He seemed to take great glee in his comments, and the others around the table were having fun as well.  Doug’s two sons are doing very well with the oldest being a chef at Cartwrights in Cave Creek and the other in training to become a journeyman electrician.  Everyone is happy and healthy..great!  Ron Grove was telling us about a Viking cruise upcoming in June for he and Liz.  Sounds like Italy and Greece are the main stops on the junket.....fantastic.  I can’t believe they are leaving their puppy for their own personal fun.  Wonder what the Pope will say about that.  Brent Keil indicated that he and his son Bryan had just finished painting the wall around their fun is that.  We began sharing area stories about random sightings of people looking to case homes for breakins.  Thank heavens for Ring!  Bill Harbecke indicated that approximately 4 years ago an individual had thrown a rock or brick through their bedroom doors and entered and picked up a few nic nacs.  Similar stories came from Ron whose area had several breakins from people who seemed to be professional in their entry and avoidance of capture.  Point of the story is that there are a lot of lazy people looking for quick bucks...alarms and videos should be standard in all homes.  Dave Schoenbeck was in California today with his golfing group for the weekend.  The photos I saw on Facebook showed 10 very happy and healthy retired retailers.  They seem to be dressing in the same shirts and hats.....isn’t that special!  Brent was talking about all the development going on in Scottsdale off of Pinnacle Peak Rd and Hayden.  Amazing the number of house and condo developments popping up.  The populations leaving Illinois are increasing demand.  Everyone, have a great weekend.        Gerry

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