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2019 April 19th: Romeo Brunch

IMG 1925.jpg4.19The sun, the sand, the 90 degree must be in Scottsdale in late April when six travelers hopped on their camels, or whatever, and be ventured to the General Store Patio.  Dave Schoenbeck was talking about his birthday present from his wife Ellen for a stay at a quaint hotel in Cottonwood and three delicious meals at three different restaurants in Jerome and Cottonwood.  Only Ellen would want to be alone with Dave.  He is as busy as ever with his consulting business and was talking with the group about some of the people he has worked with.  Jim Young was mentioned as one of the best DM’s to have Chicago as a district.  I guess he had all the tools.  The group began discussing different retail ventures from Trader Joes, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Costco, Forever 21, Ulta, and so on.  As Dave mentioned, to be successful, one has to have a great idea, but people have to want it......seems easy does’nt it.  That lends itself to the founder of Theranos.  Who doesn’t want a minimally invasive method for blood testing.  Look at the big names that invested with this young lady....too good to be true?  Oops.  Can’t wait to see how all that turns out.  Brent was discussing how well Walmart does in General Merchandise, especially cough and cold.  They are really focused on the latest in inventory technology for in store to in sure maximum instock.  Frank was talking about how well Ulta is performing under the latest CEO and how impressive Zoom is doing.  Tom Nielsen is having relatives come in from Denmark this Sunday and his family is reviewing their check list.  Scottsdale will be jumping.  Bill Harbeck was telling how his daughter actually listened to one bit of his life advice and became a pharmacist.  She is currently working for Caremark and supervises 30 plus pharmacists at a Care center in Phoenix.  Smart girl.  We talked about ole company cars we shared with previous characters that left their cigar smoke odors and air freshners....thanks JR.  It seems that Dave is only a couple weeks away from golfing with quit a few characters...Tom Dieterle, Neil Stacey, Tom Friend, Jake Jackson, Bob Potter to name just a few.  It seems that Bob always wants to play the big courses such as Torrey Pines, Pelican Bay, Spanish Bay, Pebble.....but the reasonable people prevailed and contained the spending. He probably wants to eat at Mastros’ every night.  Our wishes to all on the Good Friday and have a splendid Easter.

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