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2019 April 12th: ROMEO Brunch

IMG 1911.jpg4.12.jpgaIt was a cloudy day with temperatures at 65 degrees as five of us gathered on the patio of the General Store.  As you can see, Terry O’Malley paid us a visit and we were especially glad to see him after all these months.  He says that he has been busy doing something called “work”.  He seems to be traveling quite a bit, but does manage to visit those grandkids in Chicago.  His wife Linda continues to keep him out of harms way,but it is a full time undertaking.  Finally his one knee is working much better after three surgical procedures.  On his various trips he does run into ole Osco/Savon certainly can’t get those people down.  Names such as Dave Beal, John Dyer, Craig Painter, Darlene Mann, Phyllis Colvis, Steve Pimper, Mike Echols, Sam Parker, Dick Cline, Byron Luke, Larry LaRock, Alan Stewart, Dick Scott, Dale Bystrom, Mike Baird, Dick Boyd, Dominic Cavello, Terry Hanson, Dick George, Dave Maher were all mentioned today.  We don’t need to go into the stories that contain those names......but I bet some ears were burning.  We were looking for the likes of Dick Davis but he was a no show.  Hopefully we will see them before they depart to Michigan.  Pat Johnston is preparing to travel back to Delaware for Easter and then to Oregon, all to see family.  Nice!  We again were talking about HOAs and the unique individuals that always seem to make their presence felt...usually in a slightly irritating manner.  Keeps everybody honest doesn’t it.  Brent and Ron are in the process of evaluating their residences for down sizing which of course means painting, arranging, listing, off listing and looking for the just right next step villas.  Hard work, but worth the effort once it all is completed, of course.  We also discussed how busy Mark Panzer is with his ABS responsibilities...good thing he has all that energy.  Our group was really into story telling today....does anybody remember Club 33 at the Anaheim Disneyland?  Great place.  I read an article in the LA times recently where the initiation to this facility is now $150,000.  Talk about inflation.  Those of you who don’t know this place, google it.  You will find it very interesting.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and that there is defrosting in the midwest.

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