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2019 April 5th: ROMEO Brunch

4.5 cIt was 73 degrees as I arrived to the patio of the General Store and took a seat in one of 9 chairs around two tables.  The patio was in a little disarray as workers were repair the adobe tile roof of one of the buildings adjacent to the patio.  The accommodations were great, as usual, even with this minor inconvenience as could be seen by being joined by several good looking and well mannered dogs with their owners.  Everyone has to eat you know.  First to arrive was Brent Keil, smiling and well dressed.   Next Ron Grove, wearing an ASU hat, took a seat and we were three...........and no more.   I must say, we had a brunch of very stimulating and intellectual discussions covering many topics.   I think that some of our attendees may create a drag on dialog......but we are always glad to welcome all comers.  Our average meal must have been 2000 plus calories, but we are all on medication so no worries.  The topics were plentiful....some surprising.  It appears that personal real estate is in a time of decline with San Jose, Truckee, Denver, Boulder demonstrating a negative trend of over 10% compared to same time last year.  It is easily forgotten that certain purchases do not always increase in value, with personal homes usually being on the roll a coaster.....but Silicon Valley and Boulder?  Chicago has a new mayor and most are hopeful that this lady will bring a fresh, non-political perspective to a city in crisis.  She already as spoken her opinion on the Smollett fiasco and it does not bode well for him.  The Democrats have added yet another to the Presidential candidate list for 2020.......Howard Schultz is in the news making sounds as an official candidate.  Hopefully there are a couple of these individuals that lend a credible platform open to the betterment of this country and not just to themselves.  I founds it interesting that the California legislature is looking to pass several laws to address the recent college admission scandal.  Typical.....Address situations with the laws on the books rather than deflecting.  In Southern California there was an individual of some note who was sitting at a side walk cafe and someone sucker punched him....turns out it was a 20 something homeless person.  So, rather than passing useless legislation how about address the states run away homeless fiasco that is bring chaos, disease and citizen infringement.  Seattle and Portland need plenty of help as well.  Plenty of things to focus on, but it seems many of the elected officials need glasses and the intelligence..............Gerry


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