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2019 March 29th: ROMEO Brunch

thumbnail.jpgfWell, for the end of March, the weather in the Valley of the Sun did not disappoint.....clear skies and warm temperatures on the patio of the General Store and 11 gathered before April fools day.  You don't want to be around this group on that magical day.  Today is Curt's last day in Arizona and after his grilled ham and cheese he is heading out of town towards his ice kingdom in North Dakota, but only after stopping in the mountains of Colorado and the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The man is not afraid to reach out and explore this big world.  He really seemed to enjoy his 3 month stay here taking advantage of visiting many snowbird friends from Fargo, playing golf and have a fair share of food and drink.  He is returning next year for 4 months and is plenty excited about possibly getting his kids and their families to come and visit a few days in the warmth.  John Eversman was present and discussed an upcoming trip with family to Italy in great is that.  As he was describing the stops you could tell he is excited about having his family members enjoying some of the spots that he and his wife have visited previously.  He has spent sometime on the golf courses here and is always understating his level of out for the quiet ones.  Brent Keil, every present, indicated that he and Carol are going to celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary this weekend.  Great!  I think she is finally getting used to him.  Pat Johnston always looking great, is planning a trip to Delaware for a short stay then returning before going to Oregon to visit his daughters family.  Fun times with the grand kids on both ends I am sure.  Ron Grove indicated that Liz is doing very well after her pace maker procedure and everything is back to normal or better....that is saying something considering that he has been her caregiver.  Jerry Ostermann is still hanging in the desert and waiting for the snow and cold to disappear.  The Fuglestads were represented by Tork and his brother Verse.....we missed the normal turnout of 24 people.  Tork is heading back to the midwest this Sunday.  You know, I think he misses the suburbs of Chicago....he can't stay away too long.  I think they are visiting some family in Oklahoma City on the way home.  Frank Stock munching on a tuna melt was pretty pleased with himself on how the market was doing today.  We were attempting to get him to guarantee a strong market this year, but he seemed to be hesitating.  Tom Nielsen was talking about his recent river cruise going from Berlin to Prague.  Doesn't that sound fantastic.  He and his son Mark are going to the upper regions of Canada to spend time with the polar bears.   First time I have heard of this trip.  Sounds like it could be a wee frigid, but great fun.  Everyone, be on the look out for a GoFundMe to offset legal and investigative expenses for a worthy individual......doesn't matter who it's for, I am sure that there are enough crazies out there to pay monies into anything.............................Gerry

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