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2019 March 22nd: ROMEO Brunch


Clear skies and 67 degrees greeting the 9 individuals who journeyed to the General Store for good food and nutritious exchanges.  Tork was a little tardy because the 101 was choked with stalled traffic due to automobile misadventures, or perhaps the beginning of a planned weekend closure for one reason or another.  He was the only family member in attendance, but I am told that next week could bring other clan representatives.  Brent Keil, as usual, was early to the table waiting for the other guests.  Dennis Pierini was representing his farewell appearance before his return to the tundra regions of the midwest next Saturday.  Stan Petersen made a somewhat rare visit due the the fact Deone is visiting the South Dakota sunshine state.  Unfortunately, her father is not doing well health wise and is on family call.  Curt Larson is counting down his 3 month sunshine state stay with plans to return to North Dakota after next Fridays brunch.  He plans to take a mountain route visiting such spots as Telluride on his way home. He certainly has enjoyed the offerings here taking advantage of golf, Romeo, North Dakota alumni events, food and drink stops and attempting to improve his golf game and health through the purchase of equipment, lessons and a trainer.  Go Curt.  Guess who else was here today..........thats right, Lee Hoekstra.  For the many of you who have forgotten Lee, he still looks the same and is as busy as always with his project in Prescott.  Good to know he survived the 28 inches of snow that recently fell up there.  Jerry Ostermann has returned from the frozen lands.  Dave Schoenbeck was complaining about his golf game a bit, but will bounce back I am sure before his annual golf outing with the likes of Tom Dieterle, Neil Stacey, Jake Jackson and other California characters.  The discussions today were varied from restaurants newly visited such as Root and Soul and Sophie's Kitchen, recommended by Brent.  We talked about the new series offered up by Netflix, HBO and Amazon Video.  Amazing how entertainment has been enhanced over the last decade. By the way, Dennis is still riding his 900 lb motorcycle....not bad for an ole retired soul.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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