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2019 March 15th: Lonely ROMEO Brunch

Well, it was 70 degrees and sunny on the patio of the General Store.  Last week we had 13 attempting to gather around a table for 8 (with success), but this week we had Brent Keil, Frank Stock and yours truly.  I think that many were wondering what the ball of fire was in the sky and were afraid to go out of their houses.  Perhaps next week.  But there was no shortage of intellectual discussions.  Of course the primary topic was the scandalous college pay for select university entry.  We chuckled because this is nothing new.  Several decades ago, it is widely known in the midwest that there were several such devious attempts to gain entry into the prestigious North Dakota State University on a curling scholarships when these kids didn't even know what a broom was.  I am told that a couple of them, once officially in, changed over to the School of Pharmacy.  This wasn't the end of their devious intentions.  I am told that they painted themselves as knowledgeable in the field of retail and spent a life time of misrepresentations.  Who knows how far this type of thing reaches.  Of course the midwest today continues in the news on a daily basis as one of Minnesota's Congressman is fighting for whatever injustice that may be.  There seems to be a lot of that going around along with the fact that there is seeming a never ending of Congressional candidates running for President in 2020, which is 18 months away.  I wonder, how many would throw their hats into the ring if they had to leave their current position to campaign.  Most people in this country couldn't leave their current jobs for this type of stumping.  Oh well, they don't do anything anyway.  We got off onto another topic, although not nearly as interesting, health.  Interesting how our health indicators have changed over the years.  Cholesterol was once thought to be ok at 220 total.  Now it can go below 100 and still be considered good. Blood pressure that was once 120 over 80 is now thought to be marginal.  There are now numerous measurements of cholesterol...good, bad, and sub tiered.  The price of insulin is out of sight for the average citizen and even high for the better off.  When I was a store level pharmacist, vials of insulin began at 7$ and now they are in the multiple $100 range.  Something is amiss and pharma is know to have strangle hold on Washington DC.  On a more positive note, Brent has been already invited to go Walleye fishing on the lakes of Minnesota in August.  It is rumored that Gary Hunstiger sits daily on the edge of his lake just waiting for a small crack.  Please throw him a fish.  Frank Stock is going to the British Open this summer and traveling around Scotland and Ireland.  I told you that those financial analysts know things they don't share.  We missed the Fugelstads and Dennis Pierini today.  I think Dennis was afraid there wouldn't be a chair for him.  Everyone has a great weekend.  See you next week.......Gerry

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