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2019 March 8th: ROMEO Brunch Bunch

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It was a coolish 58 degree, partly cloudy and windy day in the Valley of the Sun so the 12 toughened retailers decided to venture in doors at the County Store. We had quite the melting pot, so to speak, in that the Fuglestad family took five of the chairs around the table. Vercel, Roald, Ren and wife Judy along with Tork rounded out the visiting army. Always great to see this family visit from the cold country of the Midwest. As you all remember, Judy was a Osco Manager in Minnesota and she has since turned out well. Dennis Pierini was telling us that he is still riding his motorcycle so everyone please be aware that he could be riding up on you anytime. I did include two pictures of Dennis because he felt a bit slighted that I missed his photo the first time at the golf outing. Bill Harbecke was enjoying his eggs and bacon and had not traveled to the Midwest for several weeks. Curt Larson was getting ready to take another golf lesson this afternoon with his new Ping clubs. He is really serious now folks. Ron Grove was undertaking a huge Tuna Melt and Fries and I think they were winning. Pat Johnston was coming from a Kiwanis meeting and enjoyed his ham and eggs. Working charitable events takes plenty of calories. Brent Keil stuck with his Southwest Burger and onion rings. How can you go wrong with that? Man those rings looked good. I did my part for diversity with Huevos Mexico. Jerry Ostermann was sitting right next to me and we had great conversations about Japan and Asia. We had a lot to talk about for sure...Tork and I were discussing the sad state of affairs in Illinois and how many are leaving the state because of taxes, politics and continued mismanagement....such a waste....several states are in the same if not worse situation. A lot of talk about anger, fear and misunderstandings. The lack of tolerance for people having a difference of opinion or beliefs is baffling. The confusion we seem to be inundating our youngsters with continue to grow. Unfortunately, too many adults and supposed leaders present such a lack of sound direction and too much partisanship. Also, we were discussing the farmer and especially the diary farmers challenges today. Pat indicated that he read that over 600 diary farmers in Wisconsin have gone out of business. Gives pause. Keep moving forward. Gerry

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