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2016 February 22nd: Romeo Blizzard Brunch

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Photo compliments of Jim Martin................ Well, for the first time in several months, the Romeo bunch was relegated to the dining room of the General Store because of unique weather conditions for the Valley of the Sun.  Low temperatures, clouds, breeze and snow were elements that weakened the spirits of the nine retailers in attendance.  But, we gather around the warming stove, ordered our comfort foods and listened to the tales of current and past experiences.  Curt Larson appeared in his Bison (of Green Bay) attire. Of all people, I thought he would still be in short sleeves and shorts, but even the Fargo boy had long pants and sleeves.  He appears to be taking all this weather in stride and is playing golf, joining in on Bison events in the valley and welcoming snow birds with room and board.  It is rumored that he will be getting fit for some new golf clubs next week.  Now that is exciting.  Tom Nielsen was demanding payment for next weeks brunch,  It appears we have 42 going to be in attendance.  If anyone is now thinking of attending, email Tom and send in your check asap for $30 per person. Great food and venue....people are ok.  Ron Grove was taking some time off from being a care giver for Liz and her recent minor surgery(minor is what other people have).  She is doing well in spite of the quality of care.  There home is still on the market, but showings are temporarily halted till Liz is better.   Dave Schoenbeck swam out of his property from this last storm.  The raging creek allowed his participation.  We are starting to think he maybe homeless.  Jerry Ostermann was one writing Tom a check for many of you may want to rethink going.  Jerry was in 7th heaven eating his corn beef hash and eggs.  Easy man to please. Arlyn White was sharing a story of his golf game last week and it took him sometime to compose himself.  He did share photos of this son and his wife who live and work in Japan. What a great looking couple. Evidently Arlyn and Patty's son is a real active young man who hikes, run, skies, participates in Iron Man competitions.  I wonder who he takes after?  Pat Johnston was giving us details of he and Sandy's latest excursion to South America.  What a great trip.  Touching base in the southern exposures they saw amazing sights and also several species of penguins.  Next year.........Africa.  Brent Keil was looking good and thinking he was in Minnesota with all this weather and cold.  Everything is well with the Keils.  I haven't checked lately on his plans to downsize.  We thought we were going to see Roger Carpenter, but perhaps his travel plans were side tracked because of weather.  Hope everyone is well.  Gerry

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