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2019 February 15th: ROMEO Brunch


We had quite a gathering of 13 unique individuals from the days of ole hovering on the patio of the General Store under partly cloudy skies and 60 plus degrees.  When you consider the solid rain we had most of the day yesterday and the torrents facing California and the Pacific Northwest, I would say we did ok.  Jerry Ostermann resisted the urge to return to visit the midwest and thought he would hang with the sun birds a few more weeks.   Tork was enjoying his 2nd plus week here and rehashing stories with Wally Fairfield about the old days of hunting with "the gang".  Isn't it hard to picture this group wandering around the duck filled waters in the damp and early light with loaded guns.  This image may be enough for the liberals to push harder on the banning of all guns.  Yes, Wally was in attendance and looked fabulous.  He is in the Valley of the Sun for one week and he and Curt have been "hanging" and visited Jack O'Connell earlier.   We would love to see Jack first hand, as well, but will wait until the annual brunch if we have to.  John Eversman also appeared and it is as if he came out of a time machine.  There are some people that can make a reasonable person to become angry when you see how they haven't changed in so many years.  Looking good John.  He was talking about one brother who is a radiologist for Mayo and the other works for Troon Management.  Now there is a guy you want to get close to for some special golf course treatment.  Curt Larson was saying last week that he has taken up with a personal trainer and it really is having an impact.  When he started his stay in Arizona he was 211, and today is tipping the scales at 220.  I guess muscle is heavier.  Kevin Tripp was enjoying catching up and talking about his good looking family....Of course grandpa is a bit biased.  Can you imagine what Tripp will be like with his great grandkids talking about all his fishing and bear stories.....if he remembers.  Brent Keil was saying that the last time he saw Wally was in 1965.......just yesterday.  I was just finishing kindergarten.  Dick Davis looked great and was talking up a storm with Frank Stock who was sharing his stock market solutions.  Frank, we know what they are.  If you stay away, it will rise!  Dennis Pierini, who has been here for 4 weeks staying in his winter rental in Fountain Hills, made his first 2019 appearance.  Good to see Dennis.  Of course he and his wife are joined by their wonderful golden retriever.  We tolerate Dennis just to be near the pups.  Arlyn was talking about his golf while in the Phoenix area.  We had a great conversation on those individuals that love to test themselves on difficult hiking and endurance competition.  We talked about the free climbers and decided that retail was a lot like that endeavor.  How often we all have found ourselves on the face of cliffs with only our fellow associates to work through issues.  It is a wonder we survived. Tom Nielsen who we haven't seen for several weeks because he and his family have been in Telluride.  What a great place.  The population of this quaint town is 50% dogs which makes it a great place to live.  If you can tolerate 9500 feet you will love it.  Tom was saying that Mark just loves it up there and adjusts quickly to the altitude.  Glad they had a good time and made it home safely.  Too many crazies on the road these days.  Have a great weekend.     Gerry

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