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2019 February 8th; ROMEO Brunch


Scottsdale has been suffering from a mild cold for about a week and the 11 hard working individuals that gathered on the General Store Patio experienced clear skies but mild temperatures of approximately 58 degrees.  This did not deter anyone from sitting around three tables and talking a blue streak in between moderate bites of delicious food.  The snow birds are arriving!  Tork, once again, was at the head of the table and catching up on the latest.  With Dick Davis on his left side and John Neimann on his right, the conversations were varied and exciting.  Dick was certainly talking about Sandy and family and also, I'm sure, mentioning those that were visiting from other portions of the country.  John, the most traveled individual I know, was talking about selling his Phoenix house and moving into an apartment in Paradise Valley, along with his Muncie Indiana home.  This man sets a fabulous example we should all emulate.  He is about the care of family and friends.  Besides having a slight quirk regarding bright colored clothing, he is dedicated to people.  Darnell Allen accompanied John and it has been some time since we could catch up with his busy life of family and golf, of course.  Brent Keil was, as always, enjoying his patty melt and looked great adorned in a bright red light weight jacket.  Wes Greinger was visiting from South Dakota.  For those that may not know, Wes is Julie Anne's brother-in-law and they visit to thaw out from a brutal winter.  Jerry Ostermann also took a candy break to experience reasonable temperatures before going back and forth to the Chicago suburbs.  Bill Harbeck appeared in his Black Haws hat and was reentering the polar vortex next Monday after this break in the cool sunshine.  He was saying that his youngest grandchild just turned 5 and going into kindergarten.  Where does the time go Pappa?   Dave Schoenbeck was talking about he and Ellyn's isolation due to a fast running creek in the front of their home that left them stranded for 2 days.  Talk about the ole west.  Finally, Arlyn appeared, so it must be February.  He takes a break from fishing and golf in Utah to get a little sunshine.  He talked about Strawberry Lake and how, unfortunately, people loose their lives boating and fishing because they make bad decisions in very, very cold water.  Sounds like visiting hikers that march into the desert without proper preparation.  Frank Stock rounds out the 11 good souls who attended today.  It is always good to have Frank at our brunch events so we can watch his magic in the financial arena first hand.  It was a great morning/afternoon. Best wishes.  Gerry

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