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2019 February 1st: ROMEO Brunch


Well, it was one beautiful day on the patio of the General Store with temperatures of 78 degrees and plenty of sunshine.  We had five individuals gathered around the feed table to exchange current events and recollect past events and those individuals that made them memorable.  Curt Larson was smiling from ear to ear because he is in the valley of the sun and not Fargo this week.  The man is ageless and is thankful to be wearing shorts and a polo shirt.  He has been playing golf and is even working out with a personal trainer while snow birding it in the east valley.  Ron Grove was enjoying the onion rings and his traditional tuna melt while telling us about Liz and her minor surgery to receive a pace maker....of course everything is minor unless it is happening to you.  Good news though, that this will correct a problem that has raised it's ugly head.  Brent Keil is looking good and the kidney issues are behind him.  He is looking to do some work around his house and we were all talking about the pride of ownership and those ugly little issues that keep needing repairs.  Kevin Tripp was moving around with confidence on his new right knee.  It has been nine weeks since the surgery and he his doing extremely well while planning his upcoming summer fishing trips.  Yours truly is just back from Cuba after enjoyed 11 great days of getting to know the country and it's people, while on a three mast sailing ship.  We also experience first hand the tornado that hit Havana.  Very interesting to be on the 18th floor of a hotel with no lights and 80 mph plus winds blowing on the windows pushing rain water into the room.  Another great memory.  Hope everyone is well and is happy to see increasing temperatures......Gerry

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