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2019 January 11th; ROMEO Brunch





Today on the General Store Patio, the weather was great with temperatures in the sixties and the sun making sweaters uncomfortable for the 7 attendees.  The guest of honor has to be Curt Larson whose smiling face, although North Dakota pale, brought additional warmth to the gathering.  He arrived in the Valley of the Sun on Monday and will be spending several months attempting to put some color on those legs.  He drove from Fargo, via Frisco Texas where the Bisons once again did their college alumni's proud by their victory.  Those of the scandanavian descent seem to never age.  It is either the dna or the alcohol....a toss up I am sure.  Pat Johnston returned for his breakfast sitting.  We had some interesting discussions about the unfortunate theft and crime that seems to be raising its head in most states .  Pat indicated that in their Delaware townhome they lost 15 packages from Amazon that were left on their from stoop.  Curt indicated that in Texas there were several cars which had possibly broken down on the side of the road and all the tires and rims had been stolen.  Seems that the new $15 hourly wage isn't covering all of certain peoples expenses.    It is not a wonder that the security devices such as the Ring and Nest are such big sellers.  The ole saying, "whats mine is yours" certainly seems to be showing to be true.  It is not that this theft is anything new....when we were in California, you could not sit anything down without it disappearing.  But there is no question, that the advent of internet ordering has been a boon to those crooked souls.  There next step will probably be to run for political office.  Jerry Ostermann made his second visit but is flying to Chicago tomorrow just to remind himself what true winter is like.  Mr. Dicka Davis looked great, but indicated that he was being challenged with medication ill effects.  Life seemed to be so much easier a few decades ago.  All in all he and Sandy are doing well and are temporarily without visitors.  I think they run a mini bed and breakfast for all the friends who visit.  Ron Grove needed his tuna melt fix while he and Liz are in the midst of having pictures taken of their property in preparation for a different housing adventure.  That is always such a pain, but an unfortunate right of passage.  Hopefully their lovely home will move quickly.  Ron said he is just looking for a single wide to place in someones backyard.  Hope that works out.

I wouldn't be me if I didn't fail to talk about a Romeo participant, especially the most loyal of our attendees, Mr. Brent Keil.  Of course he was in the photo array, but not at word in print about what, if anything, is new about Mr. K.  He is still investigating those nasty kidney stones to identify if there is any medication for prevention that isn't contra indicated.  What a balancing act.  He looked great and is still investigating.  He is still the General Merchandise consultant of the retail world and he is venturing into the cannabis world.  Let us hope that he isn't looking for samples or hats and tee shirts with logos.  Everyone, have a great weekend.  Gerry

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