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2019 January 4th: ROMEO Brunch



There was a slight warming on the patio of the General Store to allow 9 individuals to gather for a hearty brunch and voracious discussions.  First to arrive was a post operative Kevin Tripp who is in his 5th week of recovery from a right knee replacement.  He had a motorized chair, a care dog and a traveling person to attend to all his needs.  He seems to be improving and he comes in and out of his rambling rhetoric.  The topics are mostly about fishing and golf.  Linda is just thankful to have him on the patio for a break.   Of course, I am being unkind, Kevin looked great and is getting around like the athletic figure he still is.  He is still undergoing a few more therapy sessions, but about ready to be released to traverse the river backs of the north country.  He had a great holiday with some family members and is planning his next excursion.  Brent Keil is looking stronger and says he is improving from his bout with kidney stones.  In the near future he will be attempting to identify the cause of those terrible beasts.  Frank Stock was taking some time off after yesterdays stellar market session.  Interesting that on his break the market is up 700 plus points.  If I was a little smarter, I might see a trend here.  Mr. Grove was able to take a break from Liz and Gracie for some nourishment.  It seems that they are strongly contemplating a move to a smaller property.  He is always complaining about the upkeep on his 200 acre ranch.  Jerry Osterman made his first winter visit, but the cool air did require a warmer than usual wind breaker.  He hasn't changed a bit and we got some updates on the candy business.  Seems to be still rolling right along.  Tom Neilsen stopped by for his Eggs Benedict, with the hollandaise on the side of course.  He and his family has a wonderful local holiday season and I am sure is beginning their planning for their next years travel adventures.  Mr. Schoenbeck was woulfing his pre-golf energy packed brunch.  He has been sidelined of late because of tendonitis in both elbows, but after some PT and cortisone shots he is on the mend and ready to attack the courses.  By the way, if you are looking for a loaded, red VW, low mileage, he and Ellyn are looking to part with one after her move to an SUV to cross the Black Mountain Rio Grande that seems to appear several times during monsoon season.  We also saw Pat Johnston who was on his was to visit with really, really good friends.  Pat and Sandy just got into Scottsdale several days ago after spending the holidays back east.  They experienced quite a bit of rain the end of last year and that is with having Thanksgiving with family in Scottsdale.  Pat looks great and we are glad they are back in town.  Everybody, a healthy and happy beginning of your New Year.

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