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2017 March 3rd: Romeo Recap by John McGovern

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A group of 17 braved the overcast day on the patio at the General Store.
Temps were in the 70's but it felt much colder! The group was struggling on
the discussion topics as the host, Gerry Bay was missing??? Yes, I guess he
has a life outside of Romeo...who knew?I decided to visit today as I am always wondering if the people that Gerry
says were there actually were there...not that Gerry ever embellishes a
recap...but I did want to validate that people were still showing up....It was Friday and it's lent so I know a few "Catholics" were still following
the rules, and there were orders of Cheese Omelets and Tuna fish coming from
the table I sat at... There were a few of us that had to sit at the kids
table (my frequent flyer status has been revoked). I did not record what
people ate but I suppose I could adlib as some people do...The conversations gravitated to religious topics at one point and then
jumped to movies and Oscar winners...there were some movies mentioned that
did not make the Oscar best picture ....Hidden Figures ...Hell or High
Water...Curt's favorite "Why Him"...not the deepest plot but funny...
It looks as we will have a record turnout for the Sunday Brunch (54 people
confirmed)....Tom Nielsen did a great job of putting pressure on the Romeo
group....I know that his offer to pay for Sharon and me was gracious and
much we definitely will be there!! Attendees that I saw but won't swear they were at today's Romeo..
Pat J, Dave S, Brent K, John E, John R, John Mc, Bill H, Ron G, Tom N, Kevin
T, Tork F, Larry W, Jim W, Curt L, Brad T, Jerry O....If I had any HR skills
left I would have included last names.....and Gerry would
comment.....whoever said you had any HR skills ...ever....See many of you on Saturday and Sunday!JMc

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