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2017 January 27th: The Latest from the Romeo Luncheon

The latest from the Romeo luncheon in Sunny Scottsdale:
The weather in the Valley of the Sun continues it unique ways with strong, cool winds on a 52 degree day.  But that did not dissuade seven grizzled souls from venturing out to the General Store.  Great to see John Spellman, Russ Weber, Dennis Pierini, Brent Keil, Ron Grove and Dave Schoenbeck and yours truly.  We did have a quick visit from Kevin Tripp who stopped by after his visit to the Physical Therapist. He looked great and said that he is back to playing golf after his knee replacement.  John Spellman and his family have been very busy with many projects, one of which was helping his wife recoup from a hip replacement that refused to heal.  Thank heavens, she is almost back to normal.  John also has undertaken a business adventure with a friend and that takes some of his spare time........not much there to speak of.  Dave Schoenbeck has told us that he has been invited to lecture at Southeast Missouri State University (his alma mater) to 200 eager students.  This is scheduled for late February and we are all anxious to hear about his entry into academia.  I don't think its presumptous of Dave to want to be referred to as doctor, or simply professor.  Dennis Pierini just got into town las Thursday after fight the ice and snow coming in from Chicagoland.  He is looking for a golden retriever puppy as a companion for his other golden.  Unfortunately, he lost his other gold friend a little while ago.  Russ Weber has been in town for a week or so, first attending a business lecture for several days.  It is so difficult to endure all that food, drink and golf.  Thank heavens I am not working any longer.  He will be returning east next Monday.  Ron Grove, looking great, has had a great few days attending the car auctions.  It takes a lot of self control for him not to pick up a few of those wonderful vehicles.  Brent Keil was indicating that Carol had recently had a knee injury that left her with a torn meniscus.  Frustrating for sure.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  It seems our weather  will be on a warming trend.

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