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2020 January 17th: ROMEO Brunch

CaptureDeep blue skies greeted winter travelers from Utah and Illinois as they began their snow bird adventures.  Alway good to see Arlyn for his annual sun and warm temperature visits.  He and Patti arrived las week and have been testing the quality of certain desert courses.  So far, so good.  The White family is doing well and Arlyn indicated that his son that was in Japan for a number of years is now working at Cambridge University.  The Japan university wanted to grant him tenure but he more preferred the country of England focusing on a robotic they interact and relate to humans.  I don’t even do that very well.  Big undertaking.  Arlyn was asking about acquaintances from the past...Jim Willyard....where is he and what is he doing?  Larry Wahlstrom..he and Mary Gail are looking to come to the Valley of the sun the last week of January.  They were coming for 5 to 6 weeks, but MG’s right knee decided to break down and request a replacement which is scheduled for February 11th.  Neil Stacey.....not seen much but still playing lots of golf and participates in an annual outing with Tom Dieterle, Bob Potter, Dave Schoenbeck and group. The Illinois contingent showed up in the forms of Gary Castle and Dennis Pierini.  The Castles are doing well and, for a hobby, looking at properties in Trilogy in Tonto where they live in Troon, but looking for one level floor plan....something to that.  Dennis arrived a week ago with his wife and 13 year ole Golden Retriever.  I am surprised he could lift his 750 lb Harley in Chicago.  The man is crazed.  He also enjoys target shooting using one of his six handguns.  I understand his wife is a better shot.  The Pierinis always spend their winters in Fountain Hills......very enjoyable.  Always nice to warm up in our sunshine while putting 2000 miles between themselves and all the critical comments regarding the out of control taxes and legislature.  Positive thoughts to all and wishes for a great weekend.  Gerry
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2020 January 10th: ROMEO Brunch

Capture.JPGlYou can see the deep blue skies and very mild winds (look at the flags) on this Friday in the 60 degree temperatures....I have applied the Chamber of Commerce factor to the weather and rounded up from 58 we gathered on the General Store Patio.  Last week we were blessed with the LaPointes from New England, and this week, look what the tundra in North Dakota blew in...Mr. Curt Larson.  He arrived last Friday afternoon after a lengthy drive thru ice and snow before settling into his rental home in Trilogy near Gilbert Arizona.  He has been filling the home with all the food and drink essential for a four month stay....Total Wine stock just experienced a sharp increase due to unexpected increases in revenue in their Gilbert location.  Wearing Bison colors, he looked like a man who is enjoying the 70 degree increase in temperatures.  Dick Davis passed on some concerning news regarding Sandy and her current treatments for lymphoma.  The first of 6 treatments just began and the prognosis is positive for her recovery.  Pat Johnston and Sandy just came in from Delaware after family time during the holidays.  The man is ageless and is visiting a lot of tennis courts to get in his exercise.  Truth be known, Sandy seems to be a stronger player. Their family is doing well, and their grandkids are growing up quickly.  Seems one is old enough to begin thinking about college.....oh boy.  They had a great trip in 2019 with Sandy’s extending family and have chosen a repeat at Mackinac Island.  Sounds fun. Dave Schoenbeck indicates that his back discomfort still rears its ugly head and he is edging his way back into golf.  Ellen had a little mishap with an electric bike when four of them enjoying the Valley of the Sun sunshine.  She hit a rock in the road and traveled over the handle bars and scrapped himself quit a bit.  Thank heavens for the helmet and the fact there were no broken bones or serious injuries....plenty of soreness though.  Jerry Ostermann indicates that he is not considering any international expeditions, but his wife is looking at a trip back to Japan before April...wonderful country.  Frank Stock decided it was more important to eat than watch the market, and, as a result, we lost money today.  Come on Frank! Next week Frank and Carolyn will be traveling to Hawaii with friends from Arkansas so we are on our own.  Good thing we don’t pay him.  Brent found his way back to Scottsdale and we are glad he did.  He is still working in his consulting capacity and has been on numerous conference calls this week....General Merchandise and category management is on the move! John Spellman spent a few days in Maui working at the PGA tournament at Kapalua as he does every year.  Just a short trip this year. If anyone is down in Gilbert, feel free to stop by Curt’w winter digs.....he is fully stocked..but I don’t know for how long.  Mr. Ron Grove has returned from the midwest and Lake of the Ozarks,  Ron has been looking at the new electric cars being released and is very enamored with the Mustang E.  The first requests are full, but that will not slow down this man.  He has that look in his eye.  Ron also recently had some problem with his garage.  He was attempting to pull in to unload Costco purchases when an earthquake or some other natural phenomenon caused the wall of the garage to move and it scraped his automobile.  Damndest thing he has ever experienced.  Sounds like something that happened to me.  Oh well.  The house is currently listed and interested parties are looking at it this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Gerry
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2020 January 3rd: ROMEO Brunch

IMG 2426.jpgnWell, on the 3rd day of January in Scottsdale, the sun was shinning and the temperatures were 60 degrees on the patio of the General Store as 8 gathered to recap a wonderful Christmas Holiday and New Year.  The patio welcomed special guests in the form of Betty and Jerry LaPointe, all the way from New Hampshire.  They came here for the famous Arizona temperatures and landed in freezing temperatures....what the heck happened?  They are staying with Jerry’s cousin in DC ranch and definitely enjoying Scottsdale and Phoenix regardless of the cooler temps.  They haven’t changed a bit and are very active back home.  Jerry has been sanding his sail boat in preparation for a repaint and you can imagine, know his perfection nature, it has been a long and arduous journey.  It will go to the painter in March.  They are discussing the boats next step, but they will definitely want to keep their feet in the lake’s waters in some form or another.  They still see ole friends in the form of Yergeau, Yeaton, Quint and of course, Wahlstroms.  Great having them around the table....time has stood still.  Another dusty traveler wandered over in the form of a man called Tripp.  His holidays were filled with children and grandchildren and his time was spent gathering them around camp fires.......not sure if they were like what we have all experienced with him, but he obviously is still building fire.  Tom Endicott took time away from his acting and he and Brent spent time telling all about their lives in Gilbert.  Carol has really taken a liking to that part of the Valley and even is almost willing to put up with Brent’s antics.  Jerry Ostermann made his first visit from Chicago....he probably left warmer climates there....not for long, though.  Frank Stock took a break from managing the stock market...not sure if he was involved in the Iranian General strike, but I wish he had managed the fallout better.  His knee is giving him a bother or two and the Doc seemed to indicated could control the discomfort with losing a pound or two....sounds familiar doesn’t it.  I think surgery sounds easier, but not Frank.  John Spellman is in Maui managing the PGA tournament there, as usual this time of year.  A lot of conversation about Illinois’s 2020 tax programs and legalized pot sales........A comedian just said that when you are in debt, people tend to gravitate to selling drugs.......It would be funny if the politicians had a clue...but they don’t.  Lots of discussions about how Walgreen’s management and focus has changed.  It will be interesting to see where Rite Aid goes in 2020 and what impact CVS’s health and wellness initiatives take product just services, sort of.  I think I am glad to just hang with my Golden Retriever!  Gerry
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2019 December 20th: ROMEO Brunch

12.20.19It was 60 degrees on the patio of the General Store as the jovial retailers gathered for a Pre-Christmas celebration.  The distortion in the first photo is the sun....for those of you who may have forgotten....the blue is the sky and the green are the leaves on trees..seriously.First off, our photos are missing Frank Stock who was in attendance today.  For some reason my finger must have been on the lens of the iphone.  We certainly appreciate Frank’s fine efforts in driving the stock market of late.  There doesn’t seem to be anything noteworthy happening in our country lately that is putting pressure, at least short term, on the drivers of the market place.  Frank had a tremendous travel year with his wife Caroline in 2019, and he is kicking off 2020 with an adventure to Hawaii.  We had  a pleasant surprise in the appearance of Tim has been 10 months since we saw him last and he had a lot of news to share.  His hip surgery from a year ago has done extremely well and he is back on his pheasant hunting excursions.  On March 31st Tim will officially retire to fully enjoy the next step.  Currently, they have their daughter and granddaughter living with them while their son-in-law is in officer candidate school in Rhode Island.  After completion he will attend Flight great is exciting.  Dave Schoenbeck strolled in without any appearance of back discomfort, even though he isn’t where he wants to be for golf play.  Tomorrow all his family is hitting the Schoenbeck castle and there will be 12 souls going through daily life very close together.  Of course he is excited...Ellen is doing all the work.  Tom Nielsen arrived via Uber and we received more details on his Polar Bear friends.  What a great excursion to a wilderness rarely traveled and visits with the creatures recruited by Coca Cola to promote their brand.  Mark and Tom sure looked chilly in his photos.  Brent Keil, enjoying his festive Southwest Burger shared his Christmas decorating stores for their new digs......a pre-decorated 2 foot tree and they are ready to go.  Everything is going well. We did find time to talk about retail business and shared stories on Costco and how the new Gilbert location is the busiest in Arizona....amazing.  The Dollar Store with its 10,000 sku’s and 15,000 locations and who was now working with this company.  Seven Eleven with its large large store count and commanding presence in Japan.....of course Japan is the current owner. Politics was loosely discussed with questions being raised about the most recent democratic debate.  The latest tactics of Ms. Peolosi...perhaps she should spend some time on her home state and the homeless crisis and out cry from it’s citizens.  It is amazing how many California license plates are now riding the Arizona roads.  Life is certainly a fickle animal.

I hope that everyone has a loving, healthy and wondering Christmas.  Be safe!  Gerry

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2019 December 16th: Ed Holzer

Edwin Howard Holzer of Barrington Hills, IL, longtime president of Grey-North Advertising, died on December 16 at age 86.  Ed along with Grey-North were long time business partners with Jewel/Osco in Chicagoland.

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