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2019 November 15th: ROMEO Brunch

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It was 75 degrees with a wisp of clouds on the patio of the General Store as we gathered for our traditional fall sessions of Romeo.  John Spellman was describing his son Justin’s Sunday heart transplant procedure at Mayo Hospital.  If that isn’t challenge enough, he also had a kidney transplant the next day.  For the most part, everything was a success....there was a minor (if you can use that term) clotting issue that required a reopening to successful repair.  He is recovering and will soon be heading home to his parents home for recuperation.  Justin is 47 years old and this heart complication seemed to be a by product of a flu like infection...Wow!  It has been a fairly long road to this point and hopefully he is on his way to a normal life.
Ron Grove finally made an appearance.  I think he must have been released on parole from the Ozarks jail system.  I have seen the life style there from watching some of the Ozarks series on Netflix.  I wonder which character Ron is.  He is about ready to begin a remodel on his condo there which he is excited about.  He and Liz have put their home here back on the market after a summer hiatus and hope those with California money making an exotus will bring a suitcase to his door.  Everyone in the grove family is doing well and he excitedly told of his grandsons upcoming graduation from ASU Business school in June when he will begin his career with the Garmin company in Kansas City, where he interned last summer.  Fantastic.  His granddaughter is entering a Pre-med program and another grandson just won a state doubles championship.  Fantastic.
Frank Stock was discussing his recent trips to the Golf Hall of Fame in Florida and then on to Hilton Head where he played some championship courses.  This, of course, is a follow up from his trip to Ireland for the British Open this summer.  He has put some rough miles on that bad right knee for sure.  He was a little hesitant to complain about it after hearing about Justin Spellmans battles.
Lee Hoekstra once again was a participant in the brunch.  Alway good to see him.  As I said last communique, he absolutely looks the same and everything is going well.
We all were wondering how Tork is progressing and talking about the new Gilbert Arizona residents, The Keils.
I hope everyone is doing well and is on their way to a wonderful weekend and Thanksgiving.  Gerry
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2019 November 1st: ROMEO Brunch

IMG 2361.jpgaIt was a sunshine, 70 degree day on the General Store Patio for the four souls that gathered for some great food, and boy did they eat.  Tom Nielsen, usually a conservative selector, chose a cheeseburger and onion rings for his brunch meal.  He did have the tomato and onions on the side, thank heavens.  Brent Keil followed suit with a Southwestern Burger also accompanied by the deep fried rings of joy.  Lee Hoekstra did stick to breakfast with yours truly and we were the healthy twosome with fried eggs, meat and potatoes....we did have butter on our bread selection. 
It was great to see Lee who has been committed to the tundra portion of our state in Prescott.  His golf course community is doing well and he indicates that 60 percent of the residents are year around with vacationers/snowbirds being the remaining 40 percent.  No snow has been seen as yet, but sleet did show its ugly side.  Everything with the Hoekstra clan is well with Marguerite currently spending a couple of weeks in the Chicago area.
Tom is leaving Sunday, with Mark, to fly to Winnipeg and then traveling near the Artic to spend time with hoards of polar bears as they go through their annual seal food ritual.  It sounds a bit chilly at the moment, so the men will be bundling up.  Joan has taken the high road on this and is staying in the Valley of the Sun.
Brent and Carol have settled in to their new digs and just finished putting up 18 it is home.  They are very happy in their new surroundings and it sounds like they are discovering a number of new feeding spots.  Carol will be traveling to Rockford in a couple of weeks leaving Brent to fend for himself. I hope she has given the sheriffs a heads up.
We spent some time talking about healthcare in the US and the offerings of other countries for those not insured here.  Thailand and India seem to be leaders in offering greatly discounted prices on elective and non-elective procedures in first class facilities with US educated physicians.  Think of it, quadruple bi-pass with a post-op stay on the beach of Phuket for 25% on the dollar.  Also seems the Walgreens and CVS are making changes in their retail environments.  Walgreens is closing and removing over 200 of their medical clinics and adding Jennie Craigs.  CVS in January is changing all their stores operating hours to mirror the hours of the pharmacies...for example, if the pharmacy is open 9 to 6 on Saturday and 10 to 5 on Sunday, the total store will be the same.  Interesting.
Updates: Sharon McGovern is improving and will not require surgery or rehab and Mo Murray is well enough to travel to Washington DC to visit his daughter with his wife Annie
Curt Larson has returned from his river cruise adventure in Europe and enjoyed it thoroughly although there was some wind and rain on several days.  That is like summer for Curt.

Everyone, have a great weekend.   Gerry

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2019 October 18th: ROMEO Brunch



It is an 80 degree day on the patio of the General Store as the four of us gathered to exchange experiences and talk about people who were not there.  As you can see from the photos, everyone was intent on something...either food, aggravations, fun or travel.  Frank was still upset from his attempts to get Ryder Cup tickets from the PGA for next years competition.  He was left disappointed and empty handed after a two hour on line waiting experience only to find out that a third party event company was given access to most tickets and they contacted him to let him know tickets were available at three times the PGA rate.  Anger issues were abundant.  Dave Schoenbeck was in attendance for the first time this fall, but unfortunately, he tweaked his back on the way down to the patio....first back pain in three years.  Let us hope this is just temporary.  He said he had visited with Tom Dieterele and his wife while they all were touring Paso Robles wine country.  A great time as had by all, and the photos show that Tom and his wife looked fantastic, with the biggest nod to his wife...sorry Tom.  Dave and Ellen have been visiting his children and grandchildren and are also planning a trip to New Zealand in March 2020.  Bill Harbeck looks great but has been fighting some back issues as well.  Hopefully he too will get some relief.  Dave indicated that he had seen Richard Staiti and he hopes to make it to a Friday gathering with Russ Coon, who has been fighting a tough lung disorder.  Dave also said he is taking golf lessons and the pro is looking to only changing 8 fundamental changes with his swing, stance, grip and ball positioning.....oh boy!

We did spend some time on the nature of our politicians and current environment.  There is certainly no shortage of opinions across this country and most of them carry more emotion than fact.  I do have a question...why is not homelessness and treatment of our veterans top of the work lists for our politicians and the new bunch of candidates.  Finger pointing and blaming seems to be the biggest focus out there.  Everyone, have a great weekend, Gerry
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2019 October 4th: ROMEO Brunch

It was a great October Friday in the sun on the General Store patio as five people gathered for a brunch of great food and conversation.  Brent Keil was the first to arrive because, now, he has to travel the furthest coming from his new digs in Gilbert.  The man looks great in that he lost 12 pounds in the move which means he is up to a negative 36 pounds so far.  The Keil family is very happy in their interim home as they begin the search for a new permanent home over the course of the next year.  Anything  is up for consideration, except Alaska of course.  This should be fun.  John Spellman was telling us about the fact that his son is in the hospital with a slightly worsening of his heart condition.  They are so pleased that they are dealing with Mayo in that it is a leader in the heart transplants in the US.  They certainly would like to get this search behind them, as you can imagine.  Tom Nielsen sort of meandered in, as he was a little tardy.  I think he can be forgiven and he usually takes Uber to join this illustrious group.  Last week he spent some time in California (he never stops) and he and Mark will be flying to Manitoba and then flying north to mingle with approximately 1000 polar bears.  That definitely would be great.  Frank Stock showed up looking more like Boris Johnson than ever.  I keep asking what his Brexit strategy is, but he just grins.  Those brits!  We did have sometime to discuss the Congressional agenda of the day and how the Biden and Trump family are attempting to discern who has lost their way.......maybe both.  Seems Bernie has health issues and we do hope everything improves.  That sorta of changes the landscape a bit with Wang dramatically increasing his contribution pool by 256%....can you say wild card.  Cory Booker is moving to the side while Elizabeth Warren is attempting momentum....who knows.  Harris is looking for credibility and nothing has come forward as yet.  Amazing how time erodes peoples credibility...perhaps that is why no one with leadership potential and credibility wants to put their hat in the ring. 
Everyone, have a healthy and happy weekend.  Gerry


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2019 September 20th: ROMEO Brunch; They're BACK........

IMG 2349    It was a gorgeous day on the patio of the General Store for the Fall kickoff of Romeo gatherings where five eager participants forego the waiting in line for an new iphone11 to have lunch/brunch with ole friends.  Tom Endicott to time off from grease paint and stage presence to join us.  He came by his acting career naturally in that he worked for Osco Drug in the 80’s and early 90’s along with Prism and other merchandising ventures.  You have to be sort of a chameleon to survive in retail endearvors.  Ton Nielsen was chowing down on his eggs benedict with the hollandaise on the side (I love that part) and telling us about his recent trips the most recent of which was a river trip to Portugal.  The man is on the who’s who of world travelers.....Interpole has him on a special wartch list.  Frank Stock, also an adventurer, just recently returned from Scotland and Ireland where he attended the British Open.  Why watch TV when you can spend hours in airports and multiple hours in the air.  He indicated the course created some havoc on his knees....still trying to relive his football days.  Stan Petersen took some time off from his golf course to report on the great progress his mother in law has made from some recent surgery.  She recently move to Anthem from South Dakota and is doing extremly well even after a minor fall.  Deone has retired and just had some elective surgery on her foot and is running circles around Stan...who can’t.  A man named John Spellman (pictured), he looked like John, was there today after a lengthy absence.  His business is doing well and he has been busy with some health issues of his son who is on a heart and kidney transplant list.  He is doing well and patiently waiting for his time to come up.  The Bays recently returned from a fabulous trip to Israel and Jordan..what an adventure.  I will say that the jet lag is second to none...maybe it’s age....nahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

We did have time to talk about one topic and that is the recent legislative activity in California targeting contractural workers versus company employee.  It seems to be aimed at Uber and Lyft, but for the life of me, I don’t get the logic.  All the drivers I come into contact with love the flexibility of their time with Uber/Lyft and the ability to work however much they want and to pick up some dollars after their full time job.  Perhaps someone can clarify.  Have a great week end all.   Gerry
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