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Osco #404 Tragedy: Full Page Notice Placed by Families of Victims

On the first year anniversary of the robbery, families of Scott, Tracy and Connie placed a full page notice in the South Bend Tribune thanking the community, law enforcement and others for their supoort during the months that ensued after the brutal crime.    Below is the text of the notice:





that were killed in the robbery

on Western Avenue on Aug. 25, 1990.



Although the person or persons responsible for this hideous crime have not been brought to justice yet, we, the families of Scott Dick, Tracy Holvoet and Connie Zalewski, feel the South Bend community should be thanked for its thoughtfulness and good deeds done for us during this difficult year.


Special thanks to:


The people of the South Bend community, who contributed to Memorial Funds set up by Osco Drugs and to those who set planters and flowers outside of the store following the crime, some of which were given to our families. Thank you for all of the letters of remembrance, monetary gifts, flowers, and special masses and food supplied to our families, which so dearly touched our hearts and will be long remembered.


The South Bend Police Department who worked so diligently this past year in trying to solve this crime.


To all other forces who brought in special equipment and to those who aided in the investigation.


New Granger Trails Subdivision for setting up a Memorial Fund for Scott Dick’s children and whose residents took turns taking care of his home hoping his family would return. Also to Vickie Panting for organizing these things.


The Co-workers at Bendix Corporation, who videotaped the Osco Memorial Service given for the three victims. Thank you to those who stayed with Mrs. Scott Dick on the day of the robbery until her family arrived.


To the many pharmacy customers who expressed deep concern by their touching letters and phone calls.


To the South Bend Tribune Circulation Department and Sears, Roebuck employees of Mishawaka for setting up a special fund for the Holvoet family.


To all of the people who attended the Memorial Service organized by Osco Drug and paid their respects will always have an everlasting impression.


To the relatives, friends, neighbors who provided support and understanding during these hard times.


We, the families of Scott Dick, Tracy Holvoet, Connie Zalewski cannot express the gratitude felt for the entire community’s understanding and support which has enabled us to survive through this difficult year. THANK YOU for being YOU.


Mrs. Scott Dick and family

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Holvoet and family

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Zalewski and family



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