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Osco #404: Remembering Scott, Tracy and Connie

Three Osco employees – an assistant manager, a pharmacist and a part-time clerk, were senselessly murdered during an armed robbery early Saturday morning on August 25, 1990 at Osco Drug #404 on 4401 West Western Avenue in South Bend, Indiana.

Connie, Tracy and Scott… we know that you are at peace and you are safe. Someday, we will all meet again. Until then, know that we shall never forget you and you will remain an inspiration to all of us. We promise you, as the Osco family, to maintain the memorials, to remain committed to our people and to your families. With all our love and prayers, your friends at Osco.

-        Dave Maher, President American Drug Stores (Osco Drug) - closing comment at the memorial service on 9/4/1990

It is tough to imagine that twenty-five years have come and gone since that tragic day.  Osco Drug, as a company, may no longer exist but your friends, co-workers and all of those who knew Connie Zalewski, Tracy Holvoet and Scott Dick hold you dear and keep you each alive in our memories.  Today, your friends in the Osco Alumni Club have sent flowers to your gravesites and ask all to observe a moment of silence on Tuesday morning, August 25.  Although the healing still continues to this day, the years which have passed still remain difficult to us all.  You and your families remain in our thoughts as much today as they did on that terrible day.

Your Osco friends and work colleagues.


On August 25, 2015 the South Bend Tribune published 'South Bend Osco store murders still haunting 25 years later'.   Click HERE to read.


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