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Osco #404 Tragedy: Connie Zalewski

Connie Zalewski
Part-time Clerk
Osco #404 South Bend, Indiana

Connie Zalewski, 43, was one of three employees of Osco #404 in South Bend, Indiana who were shot to death on Saturday morning August 25, 1990 inside the store during an armed robbery.  She had graduated from Wabash College in Indiana with a degree in education.  Connie was a native of South Bend.  In 1985, she resigned from a teaching position in Arizona to return to South Bend to care for her ailing parents.  Connie had worked for Osco at the Western Avenue store for nearly five years. 

April 1991: South Bend general manager Jeff Reynolds visits with Connie's parents Alice and Walter Zalewski


Neither of Connie's parents lived to see an arrest for the crime.  Connie's mother died in 1993 and her father passed away in 1996. 

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