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Osco #404 Tragedy: Dave Maher

Dave Maher
American Drug Stores

August 25th marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the deaths of Connie, Tracy and Scott at our South Bend, Indiana store.   Throughout the years, I have often reflected on that day, remembering receiving the phone call informing me of their deaths.  What a shock went through my body, how could anyone do something  so horrible to three innocent people.  

The Osco and American Stores community reacted immediately with dedication and empathy like no one could imagine, giving time, energy and support in every way possible, to comfort families, friends and associates. That outreach made me proud to know and to be a part of this great company . Most important however was that all these efforts were not short term, but long lasting, and I knew our fallen associates would never be forgotten. 

Today, we continue to recognize, the commitment, all our associates have made through the years. Yes, when crisis comes we always have seen an outpouring of care, concern and generosity, displaying the very heart and soul of the Osco Nation.   No one will forget, Connie, Tracy and Scott, our thoughts and prayers are with them today as through the years. On August 25, hopefully everyone will stop for a moment and offer their thoughts to our three associates who gave their all while in our service. Let us never, never forget.


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