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Osco #404 Tragedy: An Open Letter from #404 Store Employees

In September 1990, the store employees of Osco #404 published and open leter in the South Bend Tribune.  Below is the text of the message:


We have lost three beautiful people.

Scott Dick, our assistant manager, who was just beginning to climb his ladder to success. A caring person, who helped all of us do our job and worked right aling side us if we needed him.

Tracy Holvoet, our wonderful pharmacist, whose smile lit up the whole store. Whose personality affected all of us and our customers. Who spend extra hours at her job so every customer could be helped.

Our sweet Connie Zalewski. She was there first thing in the morning to greet our customers with a smile, a good word, and an answer for all of their questions. Who never had a bad thought about anyone. Who would do anything asked of her. Who would come in on her days off if someone was sick.

Three beautiful people are gone. In our hearts they will never be forgotten.

To the people of South Bend we say thank you for your thoughts, your prayers, your concerns for the rest of us.

To the South Bend Police Department, who are working so hard to solve this terrible crime, god speed.

To Martin’s grocery store and their employees for their kind words and help, we thank you.

Our special appreciation to our Osco management teams, who have been so kind and considerate, and have come forth with anything we need. They have been our support.

With all this caring we will come through this.

And lastly, to whoever has taken these people from us, we wish to let you know we are injured, but not defeated. We will go on and we will not rest until you have answered for these brutal deaths.

To the person or persons who left the flowers at our front door, you have touched all of our hearts.



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