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2018 May 18th: Last Romeo Brunch until September

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A beautiful sunny 84 degree day for feast know as the Romeo Brunch.  We had 7 participants with one special guest in the image of Doug Statler.  It seems that Doug has recently undertaken a professional career change to a smaller pharmaceutical company who supports 20 products and is based in New Jersey.  He is especially happy about the kind of people he is working with.  He is certainly an expert in this field and is taking his expertise onto airplanes as he begins his new venture.  As with most of us, his children have seemed to grow to adult size.  One son has just recently purchased a home in Phoenix and is moving out of his home residence while the other son, a sous chef working in San Francisco, is bringing his skills to Phoenix and is move back into the home digs.  Obviously, Doug is proud and happy for both.  Bill Harbecke was enjoying the early success of the hockey expansion franchise the Golden Knights in LasVegas.  It seems he is an avid fan of hockey, and I can tell from all the facts he knows about the make up of the players and coaches, that he is very serious about this sport.  Frank Stock just recently returned from a vacation to Washington DC and thoroughly enjoyed his night time tour of the monuments, finishing at the Lincoln site. He was unable to meet with President Trump, but left him some messages on suggestions for the US economy and financial roads.  I am sure they were well received.  Pat is soon planning a return to Delaware and wisely waited for the horrendous weather to pass last weekend. The last time Pat came to Romeo a couple of weeks ago, he was almost hit in the parking lot.  Seems he was driving slowly though as a Tahoe shot out of its spot without looking.  Only a quick honk of the horn save him from being t-boned.  This brought up the subject of the dangers of driving in retail parking lots, with texting drivers not braking for cars backing out and this backing out, not looking before making their move.  It is really a precarious situation here in the Valley of the sun.  Brent Keil is feeling much better and is to visit his physician next week for some confirmations to that fact.  He will soon be traveling to Minneapolis the first of June for 5 weeks.  It appears summer has raised its beautiful head there.  By the way, Brent raised a question regarding the gathering of the Romeo group.  When we restart in the fall of 2018, should we begin with an every other week brunch, and then converting to once a week the first of January 2019?  I am asking that you think this over and let me know your thoughts on this subject.  Dave Schoenbeck is a bachelor this week with Ellen being in Texas visiting her Dad for a few days.  I wonder if she was able to hire a sleep in to keep him under control.  He did spend some time recapping his fabulous Africa trip and the richness of the sights and numerous animal sightings.  There are stories surfacing about an Anglo running through the wilderness clad only in a loin cloth.  No one was hurt, but it took the animals several days to quit laughing.  Just one health update…..Brad Trom just recently had back surgery and it appears that it was a great success.  He has mentioned to Curt Larson, that he feels so good, he wants to put on his ole football pads and take come contact……..take his keys away!  Everyone have a great weekend.

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